NCO Notes

NCO Notes

NCO Notes

NCO Notes was an outlet for short pieces written by NCOs, for NCOs. Topics ranged from leadership techniques to unwritten "how-to" ideas and procedures that make the Army work.



A Mission No One Trained For
by SFC Alan J. Marinoff (NCO Notes 02-1, January 2002)


The Defense of Duffer's Drift Brigade Support Area
by SSG Reginald Scott, SSG Steve Newman, SGT William Baucom, SGT Rodney Weathers and SGT Louise Chee (NCO Notes 01-2, September 2001)

Growing Soldiers
by SGM Kevin B. Johnson, USA (NCO Notes 01-1, March 2001)


If You're Doing It Right...
by SSG Alan J. Marinoff (NCO Notes 99-2, November 1999)

Special Operations Forces—An NCO Perspective
by CSM Melvin L. Wick (NCO Notes 99-1, July 1999)


Army Core Values Throughout NCO History
by SGM Dan Elder (NCO Notes 98-4, June 1998)

Wise Leadership
by 1SG Eric F. Cooke (NCO Notes 98-3, May 1998)

Interview with SMA Hall
SMA Robert E. Hall, interviewed by AUSA News (NCO Notes 98-2, February 1998)

by SPC Jesse P. Davis (NCO Notes 98-1, January 1998)


The United States Army National Guard
CSM Larry D. Pence, interviewed by AUSA (NCO Notes 97-1, April 1997)


NCOs for the XXI Century Army
by CSM Robert A. Dare, Jr. (NCO Notes 96-2, September 1996)

Train the Trainer to Standard
by CSM Brent H. Cottrell (NCO Notes 96-1, June 1996)