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2019 Focus Areas

The AUSA Focus Areas outline key and essential actions required to properly fund, maintain, sustain and modernize a combat-ready, all-volunteer American Army that is ready to defend the nation in an unpredictable world.
  1. Solve sequestration or pass an FY20–FY21 Bipartisan Budget Act that raises defense caps above sequestration levels.
    • Carefully implement reforms that free up time, money and manpower to generate more readiness and improve Soldier lethality while protecting family readiness and quality of life.
  2. Pass FY20 Defense, Construction and Veterans Appropriations before October 1, 2019, to avoid the destabilizing effects of Continuing Resolutions.
  3. Support the Army’s FY20 budget priorities.
    • Accelerate modernization investment to restore Army overmatch.
    • Sustain funding to continue building Army readiness.
    • Support the Overseas Contingency Operation (OCO) funding request.
  4. Support the success of Army Futures Command.
  5. Shape implementation of FY17 NDAA Military Health System overhaul.
    • Oversee and review transfer of Military Treatment Facilities from Military Service control to Defense Health Agency control to:
      –– Ensure medical readiness, to include a combat-ready medical force;
      –– Ensure support for wartime requirements; and
      –– Enhance the quality of care for Soldiers and their families.
  6. Support Army Civilians with competitive compensation and talent management.
  7. Support the military benefits and total compensation package necessary to maintain the readiness of the All-Volunteer Force.
    • Military pay
    • Military healthcare
    • Military retirement
    • Soldier and Family quality-of-life benefits to include housing
  8. Support Army initiatives to improve, integrate and modernize Total Force talent management.
  9. Support initiatives to achieve recruiting objectives for the Total Army.
    • Support incentives for employers to hire and retain Army National Guard and Army Reserve Soldiers.
  10. Support TRICARE Reserve Select coverage for all National Guard and Army Reserve Soldiers.


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