Government Affairs

Government Affairs

AUSA Government Affairs Team advocates in support of the Total Army with Congress. Department of Defense, and other organizations.

We support soldiers, their families and Army civilians, provides a voice for the Army, and honors those who have served. As the Army’s Premier, nonprofit, educational and professional association, we work to educate, inform, and connect.

AUSA Supporting the Strategic Plan
through Advocacy

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On behalf of the U.S. Army and our members, AUSA champions policies, programs and budgets to promote and support the Total Army and national security.



Build support for Army and AUSA priorities in Congress, with the public, other associations and international partners. Encourage mutual support and understanding between the Army and industry. Mobilize support for Army priorities and budgets within AUSA’s chapters.



  • Develop focus areas to convey AUSA priorities.
  • Meet with members and staff of congressional defense oversight committees to build support for Army and AUSA priorities.
  • Provide analysis and recommendations on defense and Army policies.
  • Create opportunities for Army and defense industry leadership to meet for discussions on topics of mutual interest.
  • Connect Army leaders with AUSA chapters to organize programs to build American public support for Total Army initiatives.


Role of Government Affairs in support of AUSA Mission
How we strive to make a difference

  • Advocate for the Total Army with Congress, Department of Defense (DoD), and other Federal agencies.
  • Hold Congressional Staff Day as part of the Annual Meeting.
  • Participate as a member of The Military Coalition (TMC) and partner with other like-minded organizations to advocate for the Total Army and veterans.
  • Invite Congressional staff to attend events that offer useful information and analysis about the Total Army, such as Noon Reports and Coffee Series.
  • Participate in events supporting the Total Army.