Retired Soldiers and Veterans

Retired Soldiers and Veterans

AUSA Led the Way – Past Successes

  • Prevention of new co-pays and fees for under 65 TRICARE beneficiaries \
  • Elimination of the SBP – Social Security offset
  • Approval of concurrent receipt
  • Waiver of the Medicare Part B penalties for military Retired Soldiers(part of the Medicare legislation)
  • TRICARE for Life for over 65 Retired Soldiers and the Pharmacy Benefit for all beneficiaries
  • Reduction of the Catastrophic cap from $7500 to $3000
  • Elimination of financial penalties for federally employed Retired Soldiers
  • Full funding of TRICARE/Pharmacy Programs for all beneficiaries


Do you know your Education opportunities for Military and Veterans?


SBP School Certification Season is approaching and there are some great improvements this year!

Children between the ages of 18-22, who receive the DOD Survivor Benefit Plan annuity while attending school on a full-time basis, will soon receive their annual school certification packets containing a letter of instruction, DD Form 2788, and a Child Annuitant Past Attendance self-certification letter.

Certification is required to continue to receive the SBP annuity, which often pays for school.

New this year is the self-certification letter pre-populated with the prior school year’s information. No more need for a school form or school certification. The child annuitant just signs and returns the letter to DFAS. And no more certifying each semester. Only once a year now.

Also new is the DFAS Form 2788 Wizard that ‘takes the form out of the form.’ Just answer the questions asked on the website and the form is created. Like TurboTax. The child annuitant can also electronically sign and submit the form online.

Last new feature? The digital status notification that updates the child when their form is received, assigned, and whether it was able to be completed or not.

This is taking the pain out of SBP school certification.


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