Retired Soldiers and Veterans

Retired Soldiers and Veterans

AUSA Led the Way – Past Successes

  • Prevention of new co-pays and fees for under 65 TRICARE beneficiaries
  • Elimination of the SBP – Social Security offset
  • Approval of concurrent receipt
  • Waiver of the Medicare Part B penalties for military Retired Soldiers(part of the Medicare legislation)
  • TRICARE for Life for over 65 Retired Soldiers and the Pharmacy Benefit for all beneficiaries
  • Reduction of the Catastrophic cap from $7500 to $3000
  • Elimination of financial penalties for federally employed Retired Soldiers
  • Full funding of TRICARE/Pharmacy Programs for all beneficiaries


Attention Retired Military Members:

Beginning in 2026, the old-style, blue ID cards will no longer be accepted, regardless of the printed expiration date. In order to maintain base access, please visit your nearest DEERS/ID card office to obtain a new ID. If you’re unable to make it to a military installation, you can also request a new card through the RAPIDS ID Card Office Online:

UPDATE: This policy applies to ID cards of ALL colors (except the new white ones). They should all be updated in order to maintain base access.



AUSA is proud to be partnered with MyVetBENEFITS, a free mobile app and website that digitally matches Soldiers, Veterans, and their families to the service-connected benefits they’ve earned in a matter of seconds.

        Get connected to benefits at the VA, state, and non-profit levels
        Quickly filter and save benefits to your own personalized list
        Wondering what state to settle in?  Compare state benefits before deciding where to live.

How it works

Users submit their profile based on their (or their spouse’s) time in service. The app then creates a personalized list from a database of 2,500+ (and growing) benefits from the VA, state Veterans departments, Veteran Service Organizations, and more.


Learn more at


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