Landpower Essays

Landpower Essays

Landpower Essays

The Landpower Essay series provides an outlet for original essays on topics designed to stimulate professional discussion and further public awareness of the landpower aspects of national security.


Cold War in Africa: Morocco and Algeria
by LTC Jay Figurski, USA (Landpower Essay 24-3, March 2024)

What Israel Can Learn from the U.S. Global War on Terrorism
by LTC Jay Figurski, USA (Landpower Essay 24-2, February 2024)

Contested Logistics: A Primer
by LTC Amos C. Fox, U.S. Army (Landpower Essay 24-1, February 2024)


Training Outside "The Box"
by CPT Daniel Eerhart, USA (Landpower Essay 23-8, December 2023)

Myths and Principles in the Challenges of Future War
by LTC Amos C. Fox, USA (Landpower Essay 23-7, December 2023)

Western Military Thinking and Breaking Free From the Tetrarch of Modern Military Thinking
by LTC Amos C. Fox, USA (Landpower Essay 23-6, August 2023)

Bittersweet New Member: Finland-Russia Border Vulnerabilities to NATO
by Maj. Brennan M. Gallagher, USAF (Landpower Essay 23-5, July 2023)

Move, Strike, Protect: An Alternative to the Primacy of Decisiveness and the Offense or Defense Dichotomy in Military Thinking
by LTC Amos C. Fox, USA (Landpower Essay 23-4, June 2023)

Implementing the Strategy to Deter China Hinges on Landpower
by GEN Charles Flynn, USA, & MAJ Tim Devine, USA (Landpower Essay 23-3, May 2023)

Stalemate: Are Changes in Warfare Leading to a New Age of Indecisive War?
by MAJGEN Christopher R. Smith, Australian Army, & MAJ Ben Flores, USA (Landpower Essay 23-2, April 2023)

The War for the Soul of Military Thought: Futurists, Traditionalists, Institutionalists and Conflict Realists
by LTC Amos C. Fox, USA (Landpower Essay 23-1, March 2023)


National Commission on the Future of the Army after Six Years
by COL Rickey E. Smith, USA, Ret., & MG Raymond W. Carpenter, USA, Ret. (Landpower Essay 22-2, May 2022)

Major Theater War: Challenges for the U.S. Army
by R.D. Hooker, Jr. (Landpower Essay 22-1, January 2022)


Mobile Protected Firepower: An Opportunity
by LTC Ben Ferguson, USA, and CPT Lennard Salcedo, USA (Landpower Essay 21-5, December 2021)

The United States in Afghanistan: Implications for Future U.S. Strategy Development
by MAJ Thomas G. Pledger, ARNG (Landpower Essay 21-4, November 2021)

Combined Joint Integration Detachment: The Next Evolution of the BCD
by LTC Matthew R. Arrol, USA (Landpower Essay 21-3, July 2021)

The Siege of Ilovaisk: Manufactured Insurgencies and Decision in War
by MAJ Amos C. Fox, USA (Landpower Essay 21-2, April 2021)

Stop Upgrading: Buy 21st Century Equipment
by Benjamin J. Fernandes, PhD (Landpower Essay 21-1, January 2021)


Modern Problems Require Ancient Solutions: Lessons From Roman Competitive Posture
by MAJ John Dzwonczyk, USA (Landpower Essay 20-6, December 2020)

How to Reach Generation Z
by SGM Darrin Lee Colwell, USA (Landpower Essay 20-5, July 2020)

Multi-Domain Operations in Context
by GEN William S. Wallace, USA, Ret. (Landpower Essay 20-4, April 2020)

Humanitarian Assistance and Future War
by LTC Jim Cahill, USA (Landpower Essay 20-3, March 2020)

A Strategy for the Development of Principled Professionals
by MAJ Chaveso Cook and CPT Alison Aman, USA (Landpower Essay 20-2, January 2020)

The Strategy of a Great Power Competitor
by CPT Johannes Geist, USA (Landpower Essay 20-1, January 2020)



Reserve Component Employment in Strategic Competition
by MAJ Robert A. Behrman, PhD, USA (Landpower Essay 19-4, December 2019)

Understanding Assets: Teaching Senior Leaders How to Identify and Engage Stakeholders
by LTC Alex L. Carter, USAR (Landpower Essay 19-3, December 2019)

Operational Energy: A Decisive Enabler and Critical Liability in 21st Century Warfare
by LTC Benajamin A. Bennett, PhD, USA and Lt. Col. Ron Owens, USAF Ret. (Landpower Essay 19-2, March 2019)

Training the Machines: Incorporating AI into Land Combat Systems
by LTC Stephan Pikner, USA (Landpower Essay 19-1, January 2019)



The Reemergence of the Siege: An Assessment of Trends in Modern Land Warfare
by MAJ Amos C. Fox, USA (Landpower Essay 18-2, June 2018)

Velcro Soldiers: Global Professionalism in the Reserve Components
by COL Clarence J. Henderson, USAR (Landpower Essay 18-1, June 2018)



Afghanistan: A Historical Analysis of Mission Command and its Effect on our Current Security Environment
by MAJ Chaveso Cook, CPT Awbrey Lowe, and CPT Matthew Perovich (Landpower Essay 17-2, September 2017)

Putin's Multipolar World and What it Means for U.S. Strategy
by Elihugh M. Abner (Landpower Essay 17-1, June 2017)



The State of the Cavalry: An Analysis of the U.S. Army's Reconnaissance and Security Capability
by Major Amos C. Fox (Landpower Essay 16-1, June 2016)


Strategic Landpower in the 21st Century: A Conceptual Framework
by Colonel Brian M. Michelson (Landpower Essay 15-1, March 2015)


Afghanistan and Korea: Lessons from History
by Douglas Cho, PhD (Landpower Essay 14-3, June 2014)

Conventional Forces and Special Operations Forces: Interoperability and Interdependence
by William B. Ostlund (Landpower Essay 14-2, October 2014)

Cyberspace as a Weapon System
by Christopher R. Quick (Landpower Essay 14-1, March 2014)


Strategizing Forward in the Western Pacific and Elsewhere
by Huba Wass de Czege (Landpower Essay 13-4, October 2013)

Cavalry in the Movement and Maneuver Warfighting Function
by Frederic J. Brown (Landpower Essay 13-3, May 2013)

The Hard Truth about "Easy Fighting" Theories: The Army is Needed Most When Specific Outcomes Matter
by Huba Wass de Czege (Landpower Essay 13-2, April 2013)

Military Ethic and the Judge Advocate General's Corps: Legal Guardians of the Profession of Arms
by Mari K. Eder (Landpower Essay 13-1, April 2013)


Just Don't Take Away My Smartphone
by Jeremy Rasmussen (Landpower Essay 12-1, October 2012)


Laying the Groundwork for the Army of 2020
by General Robert W. Cone (Landpower Essay 11-2, August 2011)

First with the Truth: Synchronized Communications in the Counterinsurgency Fight
by Richard D. Hooker, Jr. (Landpower Essay 11-1, August 2011)


Looking Forward: People First
by Gregory Motes (Landpower Essay 10-2, September 2010)

The Army Capstone Concept and Institutional Adaptation
by General Martin E. Dempsey (Landpower Essay 10-1, March 2010)


Churchill and Obama: Leveraging Strategic Communication to Accomplish Grand Strategy
by Bryan N. Groves (Landpower Essay 09-4, November 2009)

Our Army's Campaign of Learning
by General Martin E. Dempsey (Landpower Essay 09-3, November 2009)

Teams of Leaders in U.S. European Command: A Soft-power Multiplier
by Frederic J. Brown (Landpower Essay 09-2, June 2009)

Soft Skills for 21st Century Land Dominance
by Victor M. Rosello (Landpower Essay 09-1, January 2009)


Lessons from Lincoln: On Being a War President
by James M. Dubik (Landpower Essay 08-4, December 2008)

Distilling Strategic Communications
by Colonel William M. Darley, USA Ret. (Landpower Essay 08-3, October 2008)

The Cold War and the Long War: Different Approaches to Global Ideological Movements
by John G. Ferrari (Landpower Essay 08-2, August 2008)

Tactics for Small Wars
by Kevin C. M. Benson (Landpower Essay 08-1, July 2008)


Plan "C" is for Culture: Out of Iraq, Opportunity
by Gregory Paul P. Meyjes (Landpower Essay 07-4, June 2007)

Technology on the Battlefield
by Command Sergeant Major Ronald T. Riling (Landpower Essay 07-3, May 2007)

Teams of Leaders: The Next Multiplier
by Zeb B. Bradford, Jr. and Frederic J. Brown (Landpower Essay 07-2, May 2007)

Constructive Engagement: A Proven Method for Conducting Stability and Support Operations
by Martin Rodriguez, Andrew Farnsler and John Bott (Landpower Essay 07-1, February 2007)


Implications of Laser Weapons for Ground Combat Operations
by Theodore G. Stroup, Jr. and Richard J. Dunn, III (Landpower Essay 06-4, December 2006)

Military Cultural Awareness: From Anthropology to Application
by Dr. John W. Jandora (Landpower Essay 06-3, November 2006)

Lessons from the Past: Making the Army's Doctrine "Right Enough" Today
by Huba Wass de Czege (Landpower Essay 06-2, September 2006)

America's Army as First Responder
by Zeb B. Bradford, Jr. and Frederic J. Brown (Landpower Essay 06-1, April 2006)


Combating Terrorism: A Joint Interagency Approach
by Fred T. Krawchuk (Landpower Essay 05-1, January 2005)


Nonlinear, Noncontiguous Operations and the Control of Indirect Fires and Close Air Support
by Donald F. Wilkins (Landpower Essay 04-8, December 2004)

TTHS is Not a Four-Letter Word
by Scott T. Nestler (Landpower Essay 04-7, November 2004)

Special Operators: A Key Ingredient for Successful Peacekeeping Operations Management
by Joseph L. Homza (Landpower Essay 04-6, October 2004)

Army Reserve Expeditionary Forces
by Mark Gerner (Landpower Essay 04-5, September 2004)

Reinventing the Army Reserve—Again
by Gary C. Howard (Landpower Essay 04-4, November 2004)

Terrorism and Asymmetric Warfare
by Russel P. Galeti, Jr. (Landpower Essay 04-3, October 2004)

Conventional Forces in Low-Intensity Conflict: The 82d Airborne in Firebase Shkin
by David L. Buffaloe (Landpower Essay 04-2, October 2004)

Breaking the Saber: The Subtle Demise of Cavalry in the Future Force
by Colonel John D. Rosenberger, USA Ret. (Landpower Essay 04-1, June 2004)


Gun-Fired Precision Munitions For a Transformed Army
by David A. Sparrow and Cynthia Dion-Schwarz (Landpower Essay 03-4, November 2003)

The Army National Guard—Back to the Future
by Lieutenant General H. Steven Blum (Landpower Essay 03-3, September 2003)

Bases of Readiness: Installation Sustainability and the Future of Transformation
by Stanley H. Lillie and Paul A. Martin (Landpower Essay 03-2, July 2003)

Hammond and Letterman: A Tale of Two Men Who Changed Army Medicine
by John T. Greenwood (Landpower Essay 03-1, June 2003)


North Korea: The Eastern End of the "Axis of Evil"
by Edward B. Atkeson and Peter Gillette (Landpower Essay 02-5, November 2002)

Iran: Next in the Crosshairs?
by Edward B. Atkeson and Douglas Bush (Landpower Essay 02-4, September 2002)

Has Warfare Changed? Sorting Apples from Oranges
by James M. Dubik (Landpower Essay 02-3, July 2002)

The Challenge of Iraq
by Edward B. Atkeson and Steven Mullen (Landpower Essay 02-2, June 2002)

Ammunition Readiness: Current Problems and Future Implications for Army Transformation
by Steven Mullen (Landpower Essay 02-1, February 2002)


Will the Next QDR Repeat the Mistakes of the Past?
by William R. Hawkins (Landpower Essay 01-2, July 2001)

The Center of Gravity Fad: Consequence of the Absence of an Overarching American Theory of War
by Colonel Gordon M. Wells, USA (Landpower Essay 01-1, March 2001)


Educating the Enlisted Force: A Message for NCOs
by Sergeant Major Kenneth M. Buggs (Landpower Essay 00-1, February 2000)


Building a Strategy-based Force Structure
by Major General James M. Dubik (Landpower Essay 99-10, December 1999)

A New Century of Power Projection Begins
by Dr. Charles R. Shrader (Landpower Essay 99-9, December 1999)

Asymmetric Warfare and the Threat to the American Homeland
by Joesph C. Cyrulik (Landpower Essay 99-8, November 1999)

A Proven Alternative for Replicating the Combat Training Center Battle Command Experience
by Lieutenant Colonel Ronald L. Bertha, USA (Landpower Essay 99-7, October 1999)

Contractors on the Battlefield
by Dr. Charles R. Shrader (Landpower Essay 99-6, May 1999)

Enhanced Competition: Shaping the Depots After Next
by Lieutenant Colonel Steven M. Anderson, USA (Landpower Essay 99-5, May 1999)

The Role of the Army in the Common Defense: A 21st Century Perspective
by Lieutenant Colonel Richard D. Hooker, Jr., USA (Landpower Essay 99-4, April 1999)

The Army's Role in Bosnia: The Right Step at the Right Time
by Major General Edward B. Atkeson, USA Ret. (Landpower Essay 99-3, April 1999)

Reaching Our Army's Full Combat Potential in the 21st Century: Insights from the National Training Center's Opposing Force
by Colonel John D. Rosenberger, USA (Landpower Essay 99-2, February 1999)

Understanding the Role of Casualties in U.S. Peace Operations
by Colonel Michael W. Alvis, USA (Landpower Essay 99-1, January 1999)


Thinking and Planning: Vision 2010
by Brigadier General Wayne M. Hall, USA (Landpower Essay 98-6, September 1998)

Strengthening a Pillar
by Sergeant Major Daniel K. Elder (Landpower Essay 98-5, August 1998)

A Century of Power Projection, 1898–1998
by Dr. Charles R. Shrader (Landpower Essay 98-4, July 1998)

Understanding and Expanding the United States Military Role in Humanitarian Demining Operations
by Dr. Gregory L. Bier, Dr. Stanley W. Grzyb and Dr. M. Merrill Stevens (Landpower Essay 98-3, June 1998)

The Future of U.S. Military Health Services in a Time of Great Change
by R.A. Leitch, H.R. Champion and J.F. Navein (Landpower Essay 98-2, April 1998)

Will America Be Prepared for Its Next Peer Competitor?
by Dr. Alan R. Goldman and Gerald A. Halbert (Landpower Essay 98-1, February 1998)


Psychological Operations in Desert Shield, Desert Storm and Urban Freedom
by Jeffrey B. Jones and Jack N. Summe (Landpower Essay 97-3, August 1997)

Smoke Operations in 21st Century Warfare
by Al Mauroni (Landpower Essay 97-2, April 1997)

Sacred Cows Make Good Shoes: Changing the Way We Think About Military Force Structure
by James M. Dubik (Landpower Essay 97-1, February 1997)


Planning for a New Threat Environment
by William W. Mendel and Graham H. Turbiville, Jr. (Landpower Essay 96-6, August 1996)

Tailoring the Techno-Warrior
by Richard J. Sterk (Landpower Essay 96-5, June 1996)

A Glimpse of the Cuban Military in 1996
by Major General Edward B. Atkeson, USA Ret. (Landpower Essay 96-4, May 1996)

The United States Army—Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow
by General Frederick J. Kroesen, USA Ret. (Landpower Essay 96-3, April 1996)

Decisive Force
by General Glenn K. Otis, USA Ret. (Landpower Essay 96-2, March 1996)

The Army's Role in Bosnia: The Right Step at the Right Time
by Major General Edward B. Atkeson, USA Ret. (Landpower Essay 96-1, January 1996)


Accepting the Unpalatable: Law and Order in Operations Other Than War
by William Rosenau (Landpower Essay 95-5, July 1995)

The Emerging Importance of Civilian and Contractor Employees to Army Operations
by Raymond J. Sumser and Charles W. Hemingway (Landpower Essay 95-4, June 1995)

The Bottom-Up Review: Implications for the Army
by Colonel Gayden E. Thompson, USA Ret. (Landpower Essay 95-3, March 1995)

Training the Command-Staff Team for Battle Command and Rapid Decisionmaking
by Lieutenant Colonel John F. Antal (Landpower Essay 95-2, February 1995)

Shooting Down Theater Missiles: USCINCCENT's Perspective on Theater Missile Defense and Space-based Systems
by General J.H. Binford Peay III (Landpower Essay 95-1, January 1995)


Crisis Response Forces
by General John W. Foss, USA Ret. (Landpower Essay 94-11, October 1994)

The Army in Space
by General Frederick J. Kroesen, USA Ret. (Landpower Essay 94-10, October 1994)

U.S. Forces—Theater Missile Defense
by General Louis C. Wagner, Jr., USA Ret. (Landpower Essay 94-9, October 1994)

Long-Range Fires: Commanders' Options
by General Glenn K. Otis, USA Ret. (Landpower Essay 94-8, October 1994)

Employing the Options: How a Joint Force Commander Views the Roles and Missions
by General Glenn K. Otis, USA Ret. (Landpower Essay 94-7, October 1994)

Keeping Peacekeeping Operations in Perspective
by William H. Mott IV (Landpower Essay 94-6, September 1994)

High Noon
by Norman R. Augustine (Landpower Essay 94-5, June 1994)

War in the Information Age
by Colonel James M. Dubik, USA and General Gordon R. Sullivan, USA (Landpower Essay 94-4, May 1994)

U.S. Army Retirees—Valuable Assets
by Sergeant Major George S. Kulas, USA Ret. (Landpower Essay 94-3, April 1994)

Combined Army National Guard OCS and Army ROTC Advanced Camp
by Lieutenant Colonel Austin E. Miller, AUS Ret. (Landpower Essay 94-2, March 1994)

Nuclear Fusion: Technology Deadline for Militant Islam?
by Patrick L. Moore (Landpower Essay 94-1, January 1994)


Battle Space—The Commander's Tool on the Battlefield of the Future
by Major General Paul E. Funk (Landpower Essay 93-8, October 1993)

A Glimpse of the Digitized Battlefield at the National Training Center
by Lieutenant Colonel George H. Del Carlo (Landpower Essay 93-7, October 1993)

The Need for a Selective Service System
by General Maxwell R. Thurman, USA Ret. (Landpower Essay 93-6, August 1993)

Crisis Response: Army or Marines?
by General John W. Foss, USA Ret. (Landpower Essay 93-5, July 1993)

OPFOR: Prerequisite for Victory
by Major John F. Antal, USA (Landpower Essay 93-4, May 1993)

Chemical and Biological Warfare Defense Under the Chemical Weapons Convention
by Major General John K. Stoner, Jr., USA Ret. (Landpower Essay 93-3, April 1993) 

European National Security Perspectives in the Era of Pax Democratica
by Colonel Wolf-Dietrich Kutter, USA Ret. (Landpower Essay 93-2, April 1993)

Military Operations to Restore Order and Maintain Peace
by Colonel John W. McDonald, USA Ret. (Landpower Essay 93-1, March 1993)


1985 Afterthoughts
by General William E. DePuy, USA Ret. (Landpower Essay 92-5, November 1992)

U.S. National Security, the Pacific and China
by General Jack N. Merritt, USA Ret. (Landpower Essay 92-4, September 1992)

The United States Army at the Crossroads to the 21st Century
by Colonel Wolf-Dietrich Kutter, USA Ret. (Landpower Essay 92-3, August 1992)

Prospects for America's Defense Technology and Industrial Base
by William W. Mogan (Landpower Essay 92-2, June 1992)

U.S. Defense Industrial Base Preparedness
by Colonel John W. McDonald, USA Ret. (Landpower Essay 92-1, February 1992)


Defense Against Theater Ballistic Missiles
by General Glenn K. Otis, USA Ret. (Landpower Essay 91-6, December 1991)

Guideposts for Lives of Service
by General Andrew J. Goodpaster, USA Ret. (Landpower Essay 91-5, November 1991)

The U.S. Army in the Pacific in the 1990s
by General Robert W. Sennewald, USA Ret. (Landpower Essay 91-4, November 1991)

Today's Victories and Tomorrow's Army
by General Maxwell R. Thurman, USA Ret. (Landpower Essay 91-3, July 1991)

Desert Storm Fire Support: Classic AirLand Battle Operations
by Brigadier General Paul F. Pearson, USA Ret. and General Glenn K. Otis, USA Ret. (Landpower Essay 91-2, June 1991)

The Impact of Desert Storm and the Growing Soviet Military Dissatisfaction with Defensive Doctrine
by Major General Edward B. Atkeson, USA Ret. (Landpower Essay 91-1, March 1991)