ROTC Programs

ROTC Programs

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Why AUSA Is Important To ROTC…

  • Professional Development
  • Opportunity for additional leadership experience
  • AUSA ROTC Companies support community and school projects
  • Provides national recognition for the school and individual cadets
  • Scholarships - The Association of the United States Army (AUSA) provides a $4000 scholarship to the top Cadet in Cadet Command.  This presentation is made at our Annual ROTC Luncheon held each October.  This luncheon is at no cost to the Cadets.
  • Tutoring and mentoring programs
  • Chapter support to cadet programs

AUSA also provides, at no cost to the Institution, provides Ribbons and History Awards for Annual Awards Ceremonies at Colleges and Universities, when requested.  AUSA also provides speakers and presenters at these ceremonies.

What AUSA Member Companies do for Cadets

Good companies are those which demonstrate imagination in finding projects that will assist the individual cadets, the Military Science Department, the Institution, the community, the Army, national defense, and the country as a whole - then follow these projects through to a successful conclusion through individual and company enthusiasm and hard work.

Senior AUSA-ROTC Awards Program Memo & Application - information on a program rewarding cadets who display exemplary leadership and are top-performers academically

Advantages of AUSA Companies for Cadets

  • Helps build a positive Army image on campus and in the community
  • Helps cadet adjust to Army life and ties cadet closer to Active Army
  • Presents cadets leadership opportunities
  • Motivates cadets to take advanced courses and to attain commissions
  • Provides opportunity for awards, scholarship money, and recognition through the support of a local AUSA chapter
  • Provides an opportunity for national recognition of the company and school through national level awards competition which are presented at the Annual Meeting

What Companies have Done

  • Community Service
  • High school support:
- Sponsor drill, athletic competitions
- Senior ROTC speakers
- Recruiting for Senior ROTC 
- Tutor/Mentor Programs
- Collect food, toys and clothing for needy
   Families during the holiday season

Cadet of the Month / Quarter / Year
Essay contests (Army and National Defense Issues)

AUSA members companies support cadets to:

  • find Incentives for increasing a Cadet’s military knowledge
  • acquire information about the Army’s role in national defense that can be communicated to other cadets, students and community citizens
  • attend meetings, participate in ceremonies and engage in Military related activities which will enhance respect for, and devotion to the United States and the Army, as well as enhancing their Army knowledge
  • cooperate in furthering the aims and objectives of the Association of the United States Army