Army Civilians and Military Technicians

Army Civilians and Military Technicians

The Association of the U.S. Army (AUSA) is an advocate for the Department of Army Civilians (DAC) and Military Technicians (MilTech) as they are vital to the missions of the total US Army. 

One of the ways AUSA advocates for the DAC/MilTech is via the Resolutions that come from AUSA members. New AUSA Resolutions go before Congress each year.   Because AUSA represents the full Army Team and only Army issues, Congress members listen intently.

Some of the success stories that AUSA has accomplished for the DAC/MilTech force are pay increase parity between civilian employees and military personnel and refining legislation that implements a new personnel management system that provides greater flexibility in hiring, training and compensation.

An important group to AUSA is the AUSA Army Civilian Advisory Committee.  It is made up of DACs from different parts of the Nation.  When meeting they discuss those issues of interest to DAC/MilTechs and how to increase the membership of this group into AUSA.  This Committee advises GEN Brown, President of AUSA, on Army Civilian matters

The various Symposia AUSA hosts during the year emphasize professional development.  One such example is the AUSA October Annual Meeting and Exposition, which is a professional development meeting that has many Forums to discuss those issues of interest to every person in the Army; both Military and Civilian.  Other advantages of AUSA Symposia are they offer a great way to network and meet old Army friends.

Since 2008 at the Opening Ceremony of the Annual Meeting and Exposition, the Joseph P. Cribbins Award is given to the top Army Civilian.  Nominations for this award come from the AUSA Regions then selected by the AUSA National Award Committee. 

Additionally, at the Annual Meeting Chapter breakfasts, eight other Army Civilians are given recognition for their contributions to the Army and their Community.  Following the Chapter breakfast approximately 500 people attend a Showcase which is exclusively for the Army Civilian.  The topic is determined by what the Army considers important to the Army Civilian population. 


Army Civilian Showcase: Innovating Today For The Future-Ready Army Of 2030
11 October 2023


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