Publications & News

Publications & News

As part of our effort to enhance the professional development of Soldiers, educate the public about the role of the Army, and ensure that military and civilian leaders have the knowledge they need for decision-making, AUSA continues a robust publishing campaign across the full spectrum of our operations.

Our publications bring together AUSA staff, senior fellows, Soldiers pursuing their professional military education and professional development, and experts in Army and national security issues to educate and inform readers about the role of AUSA, landpower, and our Army.

Army Magazine

ARMY, a monthly magazine, focuses each month on professional development, education strategy, doctrine and other current and historical topics. Born as the Infantry Journal in 1910, the publication includes articles, letters and opinion pieces by current and former Army leaders of all ranks, military and civilian, fulfilling one of the core missions of the Association of the U.S. Army to tell the Army's story, show the Army's vital role in national security, and advance the professional of soldiering. Published in print and digital form, there are 12 annual issues of the magazine including the special October edition, the Green Book, prepared in conjunction with the AUSA's Annual Meeting and Exposition.


AUSA Extra

AUSA Extra, launched in May 2019, is a weekly digital newspaper featuring the latest news about the Army and the association. It includes columns from national headquarters staff on government affairs, NCO and soldier programs, member benefits, family readiness and books. AUSA Extra also highlights outstanding activities and achievements from AUSA chapters and volunteer members around the world.


Education & Programs

The Association of the United States Army (AUSA) informs and educates its members, local, regional and national leaders and the American public on subjects related to the U.S. Army. AUSA provides educational materials and resources such as publications, forums, symposia, books and podcasts for Soldiers, their families and anyone seeking to learn more about the Total Army.



The AUSA Book Program offers quality military-related books about Army heritage, military theory and policy, and military force in the modern world. Its goal is to foster a greater understanding of the emerging security environment.



AUSA News was a monthly newspaper published by AUSA, which ended in April 2019.  During it publication run it provided comprehensive coverage of AUSA symposia, Hot Topic forums, and other events and insights into the Association’s activities on Capitol Hill, articles about NCO and Soldier programs, family readiness, and stories on all aspects of America’s Army. 


Soldier Today

Soldier Today is a twice weekly (Tuesday and Thursday) e-publication.  The intent is to provide Soldiers with articles of interest varying from promotion questions, health and fitness, and Did you know?  Subscribe below!