Army National Guard Program

Army National Guard Program

Dedicated to Army National Guard (ARNG) Soldiers:  Welcome to the Association of the United States Army's  (AUSA's) Army National Guard page.  Since 1950, AUSA has worked to support all aspects of national security while advancing the interests of America's Army and the men and women who serve.  Our purpose is to keep you informed on issues affecting ARNG officers and Soldiers.  We appreciate any feedback you may have so please send any suggestions to 

AUSA's mission is to represent every American Soldier by being the voice for all components of America's Army, fostering public support of the Army's role in national security, and providing professional education and information programs.


What AUSA is doing for the National Guard 

Defense Budget

  • Enact legislation that will repeal sequestration and the Budget Control Act of 2011
  • Maintain active, National Guard and Reserve end strength to support national defense strategy, Joint Force and Army mission requirements.  End strength floor:  480,000 active; 350,000 Army National Guard; 205,000 Army Reserve)
  • Fully fund maintenance and rehabilitation of depots, National Guard Readiness Centers, Reserve Armories and active duty installation facilities


  • Maintain pay parity with the private sector (for military and federal civilian)
  • Continue the current Army National Guard and Army Reserve drill pay structure
  • Enact legislation to give National Guard and Reserve Soldiers compensation and benefits, while on active duty status, equal to Active Component Soldiers
  • Eliminate annual cap on inactive duty training creditable for retirement

Health Care

  • Fund pre-deployment health care and dental care for National Guard and Reserve personnel
  • Enact legislation that will provide employers with tax incentives to hire National Guard and Reserve personnel
  • Fully fund Army Wounded Warrior and TBI/PTS care and research initiatives
  • Maintain TRICARE for Life without enrollment fees 
  • Limit increases in TRICARE fees/deductibles/pharmacy copays to no more than the annual pay or COLA increase
  • Enact legislation to provide reimbursement rates for TRICARE and MEDICARE providers sufficient to maintain nationwide provider participation


  • Fund family support, mental health counseling, and benefits programs to enhance the strength, resilience, and readiness of Soldiers’ families
  • Support initiatives to protect commissary and exchange benefits


  • Support providing veteran’s status to all members of the Army National Guard and Army Reserve who have served 20 years
  • Protect the full value of retiree and annuitant pay and benefits
  • Expand concurrent receipt entitlement legislation to include all disabled retirees and those who are medically retired
  • Credit all post-9/11 active duty service toward National Guard and Reserve early retirement
  • Fully fund Department of Veterans Affairs to reduce backlog of appointments, claims and appeals


  • Fully fund equipment, training, personnel manning and critical infrastructure to enable the Army to support its Homeland Defense missions
  • Provide sufficient Overseas Contingency Operations funding for equipment reset
  • Fully fund Operations & Maintenance accounts to sustain individual and unit readiness 



Gray Area Retirees are service members who served in the Guard or Reserve, qualified for retired pay, have retired from their service (stopped drilling), but are not yet at the age where they can start receiving retired pay.

In the new basic myPay account, Gray Area Retirees can confirm or update their email and mailing addresses to stay informed about news related to their upcoming retired pay. Additionally, when they have a current email address in their account and DFAS receives their completed retired pay application from their Service, DFAS will email them notifications about the status of their application.

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Directory of Resources 

National Guard - what is the Guard, how to join the Guard, Guard pay, career and job skills and frequently asked questions.  
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National Guard - Joint NGB leadership, joint staff, latest NGB news releases, resource links and for the media items.          
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National Guard Bureau - Office of Legislative Liaison
Legislation Tracker, Updates from the Hill, and other important legislative documents.
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National Guard Bureau - Joint Services Support
The NGB J1 as the principal personnel advisor to CNGB, is responsible for providing the policies, resources and training to ensure consistent human resources programs that shape and enhance NGB and Joint Force Headquarters strategic initiatives, personnel readiness, operational capabilities, and the sustainability of the National Guard community."
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Employer Support of the Guard and Reserve (ESGR)
Gain and maintain employer support for Guard and Reserve service by recognizing outstanding support, increasing awareness of the law, and resolving conflict through mediation.  
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Soldier for Life (SFL)
Soldier For Life engages and connects the U.S. Army with organizations to support Soldiers, Veterans and their Families to create opportunities. Once you earn the title Soldier, you are a Soldier for Life.
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