Torchbearer Alerts

Torchbearer Alerts

Torchbearer Alerts

Torchbearer Alerts are informational papers highlighting time-sensitive issues of importance to the Army and providing instructions on how to be a strong voice for action with elected officials. These messages are sent to the military and civilian leadership of the United States Army and the Department of Defense, selected segments of the American public, members of Congress, key congressional staff, industry and the administration.

This series ran intermittently from 2003 to 2013.


A Crisis in Military Housing: Basic Allowance for Housing Under Attack
(Torchbearer Alert, October 2013)


Breaking the Faith: Today's servicemembers are tomorrow's retirees—and they are watching!
(Torchbearer Alert, February 2012)


U.S. Army Retirees: Retired Pay and Health Care at Risk
(Torchbearer Alert, September 2011)


Time to Invest in Strategic Mobility
(Torchbearer Alert, March 2007)


Army Aviation Restructuring and Revitalization: 2004–2011
(Torchbearer Alert, May 2004)


Stretched and Strained, Too: The U.S. Army's Reserve Components in the Global War on Terrorism
(Torchbearer Alert, September 2003)

In-State Tuition: Affording Educational Opportunities to Soldiers and Their Families
(Torchbearer Alert, September 2003)

Impact Aid—Providing for the Educational Needs of Military Children
(Torchbearer Alert, June 2003)