AUSA's Army Matters Podcast

AUSA's Army Matters Podcast

AUSA's Army Matters podcast amplifies the voices of the Total Army –
one story at a time.

Tune in every other Wednesday for a new story that speaks to our listeners' wide range of interests and lived experiences, with episodes covering: inspirational leadership stories, current issues for NCOs, our military families' journeys, and in-depth looks into the Army's past, present, and future.

How to Defeat MMA Fighters, Terrorists and Self-Doubt

Tim Kennedy was living a life without purpose until he joined the U.S. Army and then became an MMA fighter. Those two organizations allowed him to channel his aggression and led to a career as a top-ranked fighter, Army Special Forces sniper, television host, human trafficker hunter and entrepreneur. Series co-hosts LTG (Ret.) Les Smith and SMA (Ret.) Dan Dailey sit down with Tim Kennedy to talk about how failure continues to drive him, how to take punches, and how a Captain’s dry humor changed his life.

How did the Battle of the Bulge Inspire Bass Pro Shops?

Johnny Morris, founder and CEO of the ever-present Bass Pro Shops, one of the world’s largest outdoor retail chains, makes his very first podcast appearance in today’s episode. New series co-hosts LTG (Ret.) Les Smith and SMA (Ret.) Dan Dailey sit down with Johnny to chat about how his father’s involvement in WW2’s Battle of the Bulge inspired him to make veterans and the military a priority for the business (and in life), how a love of fishing (and a mail catalogue) led to the company’s success, and how one patriotic song (and its singer) has also inspired Johnny to give back to the country.

All in the (Volunteer) Family

Military spouse. Mother. Behavioral therapist. AUSA Volunteer Family of the Year. Amanda Tomasura has spent the last fourteen years aiding her communities; she sits down with host Holly Dailey to discuss the importance of giving back to the community, how putting teens through boot camp can be an incredibly positive experience, and perhaps her most terrifying moment – jumping out of a plane.

Twenty Four Hours' Notice to Deploy to Afghanistan

Lt. Colonel Jacob Helgestad was fast asleep in Kuwait when someone knocked at his door in mid-August, 2021. “Hey, Sir, we gotta go to Afghanistan.” Within 24 hours Helgestad’s 625 troops were landing at Hamid Karzai International Airport and in the thick of a mass evacuation. Host Colonel (Ret.) Scott Halstead speaks with Helgestad about how he had his team prepared for that very moment, the role the unit played in evacuating 124,000 people, and how science fiction military novels are a great escape (and also a tutorial).

Growing the Grains of Success

After a painful medical diagnosis, Chief Warrant Officer 5 (Ret.) Chad Butters and his wife Jodi decided to change their lives, leading them to pursue their passion about the outdoors, faming and starting a distillery. Host SMA (Ret.) Dan Dailey sits down with Chad at Eight Oaks Distillery, drinks in hand, to talk about Chad’s Army career, some sound advice for entrepreneurs and (most importantly?) what spirits he recommends.

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