RAMP Program

RAMP Program

RAMP Program

The Role of American Military Power (RAMP) program at AUSA was started in January 2000 with a three-year mandate to examine the changing international and strategic environment of the United States in order to develop a better understanding of what these changes will mean for the U.S. military in general and the U.S. Army in particular. RAMP sponsored a number of events and produced publications and on-line webcasts on a variety of topics including principles for the use of force, the future of land warfare, post-conflict reconstruction, security sector reform, interagency coordination and defense industry transformation.


Promoting Professionalism through Security Cooperation: A Look at the European and Latin American Regions
by Marybeth Peterson Ulrich (RAMP, April 2003)

Play to Win: Final Report of the Bipartisan Commission on Post-Conflict Reconstruction
(RAMP, January 2003)

Post-Conflict Reconstruction: Constructing a Cohesive and Strategic International Response
by Dr. Robert Orr (RAMP, September 2002)

Post-Conflict-Reconstruction: Funding Post-Conflict Reconstruction
by Dr. Robert Orr and Dr. Johanna Mendelson-Forman (RAMP, September 2002)

Post-Conflict Reconstruction: Training and Education for Post-Conflict Reconstruction: Improving Our Ability to Assist in Building Indigenous Capacity
by Michèle Flournoy (RAMP, September 2002)

Post-Conflict Reconstruction: Task Framework
(RAMP, May 2002)

Northeast Asian Regional Security: Keeping the Calm
by Gen. John H. Tilelli and Maj. Susan Bryant (RAMP, January 2002)

Greater Guns for Greater Goods
by Jane Holl Lute (RAMP, October 2001)