Discounts on travel, gourmet gifts, entertainment and more

Discounts on travel, gourmet gifts, entertainment and more

Monday, April 29, 2019

AUSA members get a free digital subscription to Battle Digest, an executive summary of history’s important battles, including lessons on strategy, tactics and leadership.

You’re welcome to download the current issue and receive a 15% discount on previous issues and print subscriptions.

The March/April issue focuses on Gettysburg. Although Antietam holds the dubious honor of the deadliest single day of fighting, more men fell on the fields of Gettysburg in three days than on any other North American battlefield before or since.

More importantly, this battle represented a strategic turning point in the American Civil War and has been referred to as the “high-water mark” of the Confederacy.

In the May issue, the focus changes to D-Day, perfect timing for the 75th Anniversary of D-Day in June.

Prior to D-Day, World War II had been raging across the European continent for more than four years. Since Adolf Hitler’s forces invaded Poland on Sept. 1, 1939, most of Western Europe had fallen under Nazi control.

The Allies knew they would have to invade the continent and attack into the heart of Germany to break Hitler’s grip on Europe and defeat the Nazi regime. Operation Neptune/Overlord, commonly referred to as “D-Day,” would be the invasion to secure a foothold in northern France and allow for the final offensive.

The Normandy invasion would be the largest combined air-sea assault landing in history. This massive feat would finally enable the Allies to deploy on the continent forces of sufficient size and scale to bring about the beginning of the end of Hitler and his Third Reich.

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Guided Tour Travel

If you’re planning a getaway, take advantage of your member discounts on travel through Collette—and a special sale May 6-19.

Collette was founded by an Army veteran and has been providing guided travel for more than 100 years, with more than 160 tours across all seven continents.

AUSA members save $50 to $100 per person on any tour, and this discount can be added to seasonal savings for total savings of up to $500 per person.

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SAT/ACT Test Prep

AUSA members and their families receive free SAT and ACT test prep materials, paying just a small handling fee of $14.99 for the $350 program and $39.99 for the $750 program (all fees are reinvested to improve the program).

The SAT and ACT PowerPrep Program works on any Internet-enabled device and includes 74-plus hours of video instruction and thousands of interactive diagnostic lessons and questions. Chat with teachers live and explore a new, expanded math section. LSAT prep materials are also available.


Gourmet Brands

In response to your requests, we’re pleased to announce new 15% to 20% discounts at gourmet brands Harry & David, Wolferman’s, 1-800-Baskets, Cheryl’s Cookies, Fruit Bouquets, Personalization Universe, Simply Chocolate, Stock Yards and The Popcorn Factory. Visit to note any promo codes and click right through to your savings.

Entertainment and Sam’s Club

AUSA Members have access to MemberDeals, a special site providing discounted ticket prices for theme parks, water parks, movies and Broadway shows. Preferred access and special pricing for sports, concerts and major events are also available.

Visit for more information—and check out the almost half price deal on a Sam’s Club Membership, too.

If you have questions about any member benefits or have suggestions for new ones, contact me at

Susan Rubel is AUSA’s Affinity Programs Director.