Texas AUSA chapters recognize Givens for supporting Army families

Saturday, March 01, 2014

Sheri Sanders Givens of Round Rock, Texas, former executive director and public counsel of the Texas Office of the Public Utility Counsel, was presented a Citation for Exceptional Service in Support of National Defense by the Association of the United States Army (AUSA) in ceremonies held on Jan. 8 at Camp Mabry in Austin.

For nearly four years, Givens was primarily responsible for representing residential and small business consumers before state and federal courts and agencies.

When she became aware of military family needs, she began travelling to military bases, including reserve and National Guard armories, throughout Texas explaining how military families could cut their own household electric bills.

Military families frequently move from state to state, so many arrive in Texas unaware of the state’s retail electric choice program, "Power to Choose."

That program allows retail electric energy consumers to shop, compare and choose from an extensive list a particular plan that’s right for them.

In presenting the Association’s Citation for Exceptional Service, AUSA State President Ron Taylor said, "Ms. Given’s quest was to close that gap, and guide our military to make informed choices when signing up with an electric power provider."

Taylor explained that Givens often spoke to battalion-sized gatherings on military bases or at reserve or National Guard centers. And at times, she would work one-on-one with individuals on basic bread-and-butter household budgets, helping families to better manage their retail electric cost. "For thousands upon thousands, she succeeded," Taylor said.

Retired Army Col. Brad Freeman, president of AUSA’s Fourth Region, who led the delegation at the ceremony, said "We wanted to thank a very special person who, though not in the military, was a true member of our team."

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