AUSA News will transition to exclusively digital publication format in 2017

AUSA News will transition to exclusively digital publication format in 2017

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

AUSA News, the Association’s monthly newspaper for members, will transition to an exclusively digital publication in 2017.

Like the printed edition, the AUSA News digital edition will be available to all AUSA members and will continue to tell “The AUSA Story” and “The Army Story.”

The digital version has been available as an option since 2012, so some members have taken advantage of this medium.

AUSA News in the digital format will maintain its level of quality reporting and coverage, only the delivery method will change.

AUSA News digital will have a number of benefits. It will arrive in your email automatically, and you will have the option to either download the latest edition, or view it entirely online.

Once the issue has been downloaded, it is completely portable. Just fire up your computer, tablet, or smartphone, and view it anywhere, anytime.

It will also be printable – the entire paper, or selected pages you need in hard copy.

The digital format will also be interactive, with links to supplemental information and timely media options such as slideshows and video presentations.

AUSA News – coming to your inbox, not your mailbox.

We appreciate your membership, and we will continue to keep you informed in AUSA News about the activities of the Association of the U.S. Army – “Voice for the Army, Support for the Soldier.”

More information will be available in the next issue of AUSA News.