The AUSA Book Program offers quality books about Army heritage, military theory and policy, and security in the modern world. One of its goals is to foster an understanding of the emerging security environment. This program permits AUSA members to purchase these titles at a discounted rate.

Medal of Honor Graphic Novels

AUSA is proud to present the Medal of Honor graphic novel series. These full-color digital books—created by a talented team drawn from the world of professional comic book publishers—bring to life the courage and commitment of some of America’s most celebrated Soldiers.

Volume 2, Issue 3: Medal of Honor: Mary Walker

Mary Walker, one of the first women to earn a medical degree in America, served as a contract surgeon for the U.S. Army during the Civil War. Often crossing enemy lines to treat sick civilians, she was captured by Confederate soldiers and held as a prisoner of war for several months before being released in an exchange. Dr. Mary Walker is the only woman to receive the Medal of Honor.

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