Welcome to AUSA's Noncommissioned Officers and Soldiers page. Our purpose here is to keep you informed on issues affecting NCO's and soldiers and to promote professionalism among the NCO Corps.

AUSA’s Noncommissioned Officer and Soldier Programs Directorate aggressively engages Army and chapter leadership across the country and around the world. Engagement opportunities was substantial in the areas of social networking, publications, conferences, and travel. Much of the demand can be attributed to the Army’s transition to a smaller force, the unpredictability on fiscal demands, and the concerns over global security in the wake of multiple dynamic threats.

Our future plans include increasing outreach by providing more NCO and Soldier-focused articles for AUSA publications and social media. The intent is to provide readers with a broader sphere of relevant information for all levels of experience and interest. Another of our priorities for 2016 will be building relationships between organizational and chapter leaders, as well as continuing our engagement and support for SMA Dailey. Our new efforts for 2016 will include support for the first International Training and Leader Development symposium to be held at Fort Bliss, TX.

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NCO Update 

NCO Update is published quarterly by the AUSA Institute of Land Warfare to help senior Army noncommissioned officers keep up to date on matters affecting the military profession and to better inform their soldiers. Reproduction is encouraged.

NCO Update would like to hear from you. We want to know your opinions and possibly publish them in future issues. Please send your letters to Editor, NCO Update, AUSA, 2425 Wilson Boulevard, Arlington, VA 22201. Letters are also accepted via e-mail at [email protected] with the subject line “Letters to the Editor.”

2016 NCO Updates

3rd Quarter 2016:NCO Writing Excellence Program
2nd Quarter 2016:Senior NCO Punches PTSD in the Face (Lead Story)
1st Quarter 2016Brainpower is the Next Frontier in Army's Arsenal (Lead Story)

2015 NCO Updates

4th Quarter 2015:Mark Milley, 39th Chief of Staff, Army (Lead Story)
3rd Quarter 2015:Five Steps to Lead Servicemembers through a Successful Transition (Lead Story)
2nd Quarter 2015:New NCOER Expected to More Accurately Assess Soldiers' Performance (Lead Story)
1st Quarter 2015:Military Basketball Programs Retain Soldier for Life (Lead Story)

Awards and Scholarships 

Soldier Excellence

2015 NCO of the Year: SSG Andrew Fink 
2015  Soldier of the Year :SPC Jared Tansley
2015  Army Recruiters of the Year:

SSG Jared Bullock

U.S. Army National Guard Recruiting and Retention NCO of the Year
SFC Matthew Jasper

U.S. Army Reserve Recruiter of the Year
SFC Joshua Hernandez

2015 Army Drill Sergeants of the Year:

U.S. Army Drill Sergeant of the Year
SSG Jacob Miller

U.S. Army Rescerve Drill Sergeant of the Year
SSG Mark Mercer

U.S. Army Advance Individual Training Platoon Sergeant of the Year
SFC Samuel Enriquez

2015 Best Ranger Team

SFC Jeremy Lemma

SFC Timothy Briggs


Bainbridge Medal

SGM David G. Martinez U.S. Army Retired

is the 2014 recipient of the Sergeant Major of the Army William G. Bainbridge Noncommissioned Officer Medal. The Bainbridge Medal is awarded annually to a noncommissioned officer -- active, reserve component or retired -- contributing most to the U.S. Army Noncommissioned Officer Corps.

Larry L. Strickland Educational Leadership Award

The Strickland Award is presented annually to a noncommissioned officer who exemplifies the Army’s vision and mobilizes others in shaping our future leaders while practicing excellent stewardship of the Nation’s most precious resource.

SFC Stuart Sword 

1SG Roger Hankins

SGM Dawn Kilpatrick Memorial AUSA Scholarship AwardSFC Sadie Routzahn


The Bainbridge Award

As a tribute to the Army NCO Corps, the Association of the United States Army established a Noncommissioned Officer Distinguished Service Medal in the year 2000. This award is named for the fifth Sergeant Major of the Army, William G. Bainbridge, USA, Retired, its first recipient. It is presented to a noncommissioned officer during the opening ceremony at the AUSA Annual Meeting.

The Bainbridge Award recognizes the special role of the noncommissioned officers in America's Army - their responsibilities, accomplishments and the vital role they play in the defense of our nation. The award also highlights the important contributions that NCOs make to America long after they take off the uniform. It recognizes an NCO who has devoted a lifetime of selfless service to our Army, the NCO Corps and to the local community. The Bainbridge Award is presented to a noncommissioned officer - active, reserve component or retired - whose contributions to the NCO Corps and the local community have been significant.

Bainbridge Award Recipients

2015 -  SGM David G. Martinez U.S. Army Retired
2014 -  Command Sergeant Major Richard C. Morris
2013 -  CSM Andrew McFowler, USA Ret.
2012 -  SFC Ron Taylor, USA Ret.
2011 -  CSM Steven England, USA Ret.
2010 -  CSM Herb Schmeling, USA Ret.
2009 -  NCO Officer Corps
2008 -  CSM Mark Avery, U.S. Army Retired
2007 -  CSM William Pewther, USA Ret.
2006 -  CSM William Mixon, USA Ret.
2005 - SMA Richard Kidd, USA Ret.
2004 - CSM Donald Devine, USA Ret.
2003 - CSM Roberta Santiago, USA Ret.
2002 - CSM Eddie Roberts, USA Ret.
2001 - SGM Raymond Moran, USA Ret.
2000 - SMA William Bainbridge, USA Ret. 


The Larry Strickland memorial Fund and Scholarship

SGM Larry L. Strickland served in the Army for 30 years. He was serving as sergeant major to the Army’s deputy chief of staff for personnel when he became a victim of the September 11, 2001, terrorist attack on the Pentagon.

Family and friends of SGM Strickland instituted a memorial scholarship fund and leadership award program in 2003. The Association of the U.S. Army will administer the fund.

Larry Strickland Leadership Award and Scholarship

Awarded annually to a noncommissioned officer who best exemplifies the Army’s vision and influences others in shaping future leaders while practicing excellent stewardship of the nation’s most precious resource - our soldiers.

Each recipient will receive a bronze eagle and $4,000 to assist in covering the costs of an education that tuition assistance does not pay, such as instructional fees, laboratory fees and books.His or her name also will be engraved on a permanent plaque at the U.S. Army Sergeants Major Academy, Fort Bliss, Texas.

AUSA thanks ASM Research for their generous financial contribution to the Larry Strickland Leadership Scholarship Program. 

The award is presented annually at the Sergeant Major of the Army Noncommissioned Officer and Soldier Forum at AUSA’s Annual Meeting.

2015 -  SFC Stuart Sword: 1SG Roger Hankins
2014 -  CSM Bellinger; SFC Brain McClanahan
2013 -  SFC Rodney Harris, CSM Ronald E. Johnson
2012 -  SFC Jesus Serrano,  SGM Michael Thompson, MSG Jean-Hubert Cadet.
2011 -  CSM Kevin B. Stuart, CSM Tedd J. Pritchard,  MSG Damon Draught.
2010 -  1SG Dana Jackson ; SGM Charles Kersey; SSG Ronald Carrion.
2009 -  SGM Thomas S. Gills; 1SG John D. Gutierrez; SFC Lumanai M. Snow
2008 -  1SG Patricia A. Obey, SFC Lonnie Powell Jr, SFC Pleshette D. Greggs
2007 - SGM Eric Willis, SGM John Heinrichs & 1SG Ava Bonds
2006 -  CSM David S. Davenport, 1SG Gilbert Sutton, Jr. & 1SG Judith Jones
2005 - CMD Sgt. Maj. Dave Bruner.
2004 - SGM David J. Litteral.
2003 - SGM Stephen E. Spadaro.