About AUSA's NCO & Soldier Programs

About AUSA's NCO & Soldier Programs


The NCO & Soldier Programs team is dedicated to being
the organization that Soldiers value most.

We inform, educate, and connect our military community, enable chapters for success, and enhance the lives of Soldiers and their Families




Be the Association that Soldiers Value

Our mission is to equip military personnel with crucial life skills, leadership development training, and educational resources.


Educate, Inform, and Connect

Our goal is to build relationships between military and civilian communities by providing educational opportunities, information, and connections to facilitate growth and collaboration.


Enable Chapters for Success

Our focus is on improving the well-being of military personnel and their families by providing valuable resources and opportunities to connect with local chapters and installations.





We strive to be recognized by the Army, Congress, our industry partners, and communities
across the nation as the Army’s premier association and the foremost supporter of the Total Army.