NCO & Soldier Awards

NCO & Soldier Awards

2022 NCO & Soldier Award Recipients

2022 NCO of the Year:

SGT Garrett Paulson

2022  Soldier of the Year: SGT Samuel Alverez
2022  Army Recruiters of the Year:

Army Recruiter of the Year

SSG Noel Daker (Army)

Reserve Recruiter of Year

SFC Giovanna Avila (Reserve)

2022 Army Drill Sergeant of the Year:

SSG Krista E. Osborne (AC)

SSG Loren A. Pope (RC)

Best Squad of the Year:

SPC Nathan J. Wallen

SPC Jake Reichman 

SGT Jonathan Warren

SPC Coy Anderson

Squad Leader

SSG Devon Simpson

2022 Retention in Excellence Awards:

Army Career Counselor of the Year

SFC Nicole S. Palmer

Transition Career Counselor of the Year

SFC Sean T. Griffin

Army Reserve Counselor of the Year

SFC Mark W. Mercer

2022 Best Ranger Team

1LT Vince Paikowski and 1LT Alastair Keys

2022 NCO & Soldier Programs Best Chapter


George Washington Chapter


Fort Dix Chapter


Braxton Bragg Chapter

Bainbridge Medal

CSM (R) Don Thomas

Larry L. Strickland Educational Leadership Award

The Strickland Award is presented annually to a noncommissioned officer who exemplifies the Army’s vision and mobilizes others in shaping our future leaders while practicing excellent stewardship of the Nation’s most precious resource.

1SG Roberto Castaneda

SFC Laurentino Benitez

SGM Dawn Kilpatrick Memorial AUSA Scholarship Award

SFC Adrian Patoka