NCO & Soldier Awards

NCO & Soldier Awards

2023 NCO & Soldier Award Recipients

Dawn Kilpatrick Scholarship Recipient   MSG Jacob Connor-Foertsch
Strickland Education Leadership Award  SSG Sean M. Reyes
Strickland Education Leadership Award  SGM Benjamin J. Buzek
Active Component Career Counselor of the Year  SFC Zachary T. Olson
Reserve Component Transition Career Counselor of the Year SFC Antoni C. Bukowski
Reserve Component Career Counselor SFC Matthew D. Johnson
Active Component Drill Sergeant of the Year  SSG Buhl, Ashley
Reserve Component Drill Sergeant of the Year  SSG Ramburger, Cody
Active Component Recruiter of the Year  SFC Shane Burroughs
Reserve Component Recruiter of the Year   SFC Dylan Olesen
Station Commander of the Year  SSG Daniel Bond
National Guard Recruiter of the Year  MSG Christopher Sehy


Best Squad
3/75 Ranger Regiment, USASOC

  • SSG Andre Ewing
  • SGT Jake Phillips
  • SPC George Mascharka
  • SPC Chance Mcguire
  • SPC Shane Moon


NCO of the Year

  • SGT Jake Phillips

Soldier of the Year

  • SPC Chance McGuire