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January 22, 2020 Community Partners Lucheon

Providing an opportunity for our community partners to meet and interact with our World Class Fort Bragg Soldiers.


Have any additional questions about the event contact Andrew McFowler (910) 624-6989

What to to Expect

This year's keynote speaker will be GEN Michael X. Garrett, FORSCOM Commander.

The Braxton Bragg Chapter of the United States Army joins the North Carolina Department of Military and Veterans Affairs (NCDMVA) in supporting the following legislative goals identified by the NCDMVA that if enacted will enhance the lives of our North Carolina Military Members, Veterans and their Families.

James Dietz US Army XVIII Corps Print Last In First Out

The United States Army's XVIII Airborne Corps is one of the most storied organizations in our nation's history. The Corps' illustrious career began with its vital role in liberating Europe from Nazi tyranny during the Second World War. 

US Army Airborne Soldiers Preparing for a Jump

The Association of the United States Army Braxton Bragg Chapter Officers and Contact Details.

AUSA Annual Meeting Exhibit Floor

Braxton Bragg Chapter's Community Partners are local commercial businesses, industries, professional and technical firms, corporations, local government and civic groups, and organizations or societies which support the Aims and Objects of the Association of the United States Army.