Leadership Fellows

The AUSA Center for Leadership established this program to provide experts that will guide important discussions for AUSA’s chapters, ROTC units and Army units across the country and around the world.

These leadership experts will educate, inspire, and connect with AUSA Members, Soldiers, and Cadets during speaking engagements, small group workshops, and more, focused solely on leadership lessons.

Request a Speaker

AUSA Chapters are able to request a Leadership Fellow for a speaking engagement or event.


Please find all 40 Leadership Fellows below:

  • Major General (Retired) Chuck Anderson

    Expertise: Air Defense Artillery, Training, Security, Facility Services, Engineering, Enterprise IT, Aviation, Medical, Logistics
  • Major General (Retired) Pete Bayer

    Expertise: Leader Development, Armor and Cavalry, Combat Operations, Strategic Plans and Policy
  • Brigadier General (Retired) Jennifer Buckner

    Expertise: Cybersecurity, Women in Technology, Innovation Culture, Technology Risk Management, Talent Recruitment, Retention, Leader Development
  • Command Sergeant Major (Retired) Eric Buonopane

    Expertise: Airborne and Ranger Training, Combat Operations, NCO Development
  • Command Sergeant Major (Retired) Jimmy Carabello

    Expertise: Airborne, Light Infantry, Joint Service, Combat Operations
  • Major General (Retired) K.K. Chinn

    Expertise: Multinational Operations, Special Operations, Leader Development, Combat Operations
  • Command Sergeant Major (Retired) Mike Clemens

    Expertise: Global Military Sales and Strategy, Army Acquisition Corps, Combined Security Transition
  • Lieutenant General (Retired) Bruce Crawford

    Expertise: Cybersecurity, Executive Management, National Security, Digital Transformation
  • Major General (Retired) Ed Dorman

    Expertise: Logistics Support, Engineering, Strategic Policy
  • Lieutenant General (Retired) Jason Evans

    Expertise: Human Resources, Talent Management, Human Capital Strategy, Diversity and Inclusion
  • Brigadier General (Retired) Kim Field

    Expertise: Special Operations, Policy Implementation, Global Operations, National Defense
  • Major General (Retired) Robin Fontes

    Expertise: Cybersecurity, Cyberspace Operations, Strategic Priorities, Diplomatic Security
  • Command Sergeant Major (Retired) Tabitha Gavia

    Expertise: Recruiting, Medical, Armor, NCO Development
  • Lieutenant Colonel (Retired) Tim Gilhool

    Expertise: Combat Operations, Tactical Assignments, Strategic Planning, Historian
  • Major General (Retired) John Gronski

    Expertise: Army National Guard, Recruiting, Retention, Leadership Consulting, Executive Coaching, National Security
  • Lieutenant General (Retired) Mark Hertling

    Expertise: Tanks, Combat Operations, Armor
  • Colonel (Retired) James P (JP) Hogan

    Expertise: Leader Development, Training, Coaching, Teaching, Mentoring, Armor, Cavalry, Aviation, and Joint Operations, Strategic Planning
  • Lieutenant General (Retired) Tom James

    Expertise: Talent Management, Recruiting, Cohesive Team Building, Complex Problem Solving, Crisis Management, International Relations
  • Colonel (Retired) Chris Kennedy

    Expertise: Armor, Human Resources, Maneuver, Fires, and Effects
  • Lieutenant General (Retired) Steve Lanza

    Expertise: Combat Operations, Regional Security Operations, National Security, Executive Strategy, Operational Leadership
  • Lieutenant General (Retired) Mary Legere

    Expertise: National Defense, Intelligence, Cybersecurity, Strategic IT Planning
  • Major General (Retired) Viet Luong

    Expertise: National Policy, Relationship Cultivating, Culture Building, Mentorship, Leader Development, Combat Operations
  • Major General (Retired) Todd McCaffrey

    Expertise: Combat Operations, Leader Development, Economics, National Security
  • Major General (Retired) Tim McGuire

    Expertise: Infantry, Installation Management, Combat Operations
  • Colonel (Retired) David Miller

    Expertise: Infantry, Combat Operations, Homeland Security, Global Response, Military Training Management
  • Lieutenant General (Retired) John Morgan

    Expertise: Strategic Vision, Operational Execution, Interagency Coordination, Policy Development
  • Major General (Retired) Mark O’Neil

    Expertise: Leader Development, Developing Teams, Special Operations, Strategic Planning
  • Command Sergeant Major (Retired) Steven Payton

    Expertise: NCO Development, Combined Forces, Operations, Training, Education, Professional Development, and Policy Matters
  • Colonel (Retired) Adam Rocke

    Expertise: Special Operations, Infantry, Army Transition
  • Colonel Todd A Schmidt

    Expertise: National Security and Foreign Policy, Missile Defense Policy and Operations, Professional Writing and Publication, Military Operations Doctrine
  • Command Sergeant Major (Retired) Scott Schroeder

    Expertise: Combat Operations, Air Assault, Veteran Rehabilitation, NCO Development
  • Command Sergeant Major (Retired) James K. Sims

    Expertise: Strategic Themes, NCO Development, Army Materiel
  • Brigadier General (Retired) Chris Spillman

    Expertise: Mission Command, Large-Scale Combat Operations, Strategy and Business Development
  • Colonel (Retired) Scott Taylor

    Expertise: Armor, Installation Management, Robotics & Artificial Intelligence and Synthetic Training Environment
  • Lieutenant General (Retired) J.T. Thomson

    Expertise: Field Artillery, Combat Operations, Mission Command, International Security
  • Colonel (Retired) Mark Viney

    Expertise: Leadership Development, HR Plans & Operations, HR Sustainment of LSCO, Executive Coaching, Military History, Battlefield Staff Rides
  • Lieutenant General (Retired) Nadja West

    Expertise: Medical Command, Public Leadership, Ethics, Healthcare
  • Major General (Retired) Cedric Wins

    Expertise: Special Operations, Cadet Development, National Security
  • Command Sergeant Major (Retired) Jeff Wright

    Expertise: Special Operations, Combined Arms, NCO Education & Development
  • Brigadier General (Retired) Irene M. Zoppi Rodríguez

    Expertise: Strategic Intelligence, Humanitarian Assistance, Unity of Nations, Diplomatic Military Affairs