Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Dearest Spouse,

HAPPY PCS SEASON! So, I know that when we submitted our top three choices to Human Resources Command, we discussed something near a big city, something near a beach, or something near your family. The good news is, the Army is giving us a new adventure! The bad news is, they are giving us our 28th choice.

You have always been amazing at “blooming where planted,” and the Army has always been good at providing you with opportunities to bloom. I knew you would be a great fit for this lifestyle!

So now that we know where we’re going, let's go ahead and hammer out the details of how we are going to get there. I will clear my unit and post, and leave you with the few minor details of setting up the movers, figuring out what we need to take with us, getting the dogs quarantined and prepped for air travel, hiring someone to clean the house, setting up the white gloves move-out inspection, getting the kids excited about the new duty station, calling housing and putting us on the list for a house, arranging airline tickets, changing our mailing address, and remembering every possible toy the kids may need between the packers coming and our household goods being delivered.

I’ve already talked to my counterpart at the new unit; it sounds like they are busy! I’m going to hit the ground running when I get there. I guess they are gearing up for JRTC in a few months, so I’m going to have to really get to know everyone and make a good impression.

But don’t worry, once we get there all you will need to worry about is living in a hotel room with the dogs and the kids until we are assigned a house, getting the kids registered for day care and school, tracking and receiving our household goods with dogs and kids running around, unpacking, trying to live among boxes, comforting the kids who miss their friends, reregistering your little business on post, feeling overwhelmed, and making the new house our home.

Oh, and, I can’t find my cold-weather parka, and I need to turn it in to CIF this afternoon. Can you look for it when you have a minute?

 You’re the best!


Your Loving Soldier