9th Infantry Division in Vietnam
Advance and Destroy
Adopting Mission Commnand
Alvin York
American Datu
Angel of Dien Bien Phu
Architect of Air Power
Army Diplomacy
Art of Command, Second Edition
At The Decisive Point in Sinai
Autopsy of an Unwinnable War
Battle of Dnepr
Battle of Kursk
Battle of Moscow
Battle of Korsun-Cherkassy
Battlefield Surgeon
Berlin Operation 1945
The Blackhorse in Vietnam
Black Ops Vietnam
Blitzkrieg Legend
Blood, Guts, and Grease
Blueprints for Battle
Breaching the Summit
Budapest Operation 1945
Cover Name: Dr. Rantzau
Chief of Staff 1
Chief of Staff 2
Combat in Korea
Danger's Dragoons
Day of Lightning, Years of Scorn
Decision at Strasbourg
Desert Redleg
Exposing the Third Reich
Fighting Cold War
For Brotherhood and Duty (pb)
Forging a Special Operations Force
Forward with Patton
From Omaha Beach to Dawson's Ridge
General William E. DePuy
Generals of the Army
The Green Berets in the Land of a Million Elephants
Grab Their Belts to Fight Them
Hitler's Wehrmacht, 1935-1945
Homer Lea
Homeward Bound
Iasi-Kishinev Operation
Idea, and Bullets
In the Gray Area
In Final Defense of the Reich
Inside Israel's Northern Command
Iraq and Back
Jacob L. Devers
Just War Reconsidered
Landpower in the Long War
The Last Kilometer
Leadership in Dangerous Situations
Lessons in Leadership
Losing Vietnam
Lossberg's War
Lost Battalion of TET
Maxwell Taylor's Cold War
Medics at War
My Life Before the World War
Myth and Reality of German Warfare
Normandy to Victory
Operation Bagration
Operation Crusader
Order in Chaos (pb)
Origins of Grand Alliance
Panzer Operations
Pershing's Tankers
Prelude to Berlin
Quiet Professional
Riders of the Apocalypse
Sabers through Reich
Schlieffen Plan
Sherman Invades Georgia
Soldier in Sinai
Steel and Blood
The Struggle for Cooperation: Liberated France and the American Military, 1944–1946
Sylvia Rafael
Team 19 in Vietnam
Thunder in Argonne
Unsung Soldier
War and Remembrance: The Story of the American Battle Monuments Commission
War in the American Pacific and East Asia, 1941-1972
War of Logistics
Wars of Modern Babylon
Way of Duty, Honor, Country
When the Warrior Returns
Will to Win