Space and Missile Defense Challenges: Computer Network Operations - An Integral Part of Land Force Operations

December 6, 2001

The conduct of military operations is no longer limited to the traditional dimensions of land, sea and air.  Technology has taken the realm of warfare into the space and cyber domains.  Today, the Amy views computer netowrk operations (CNO) as an extension of the commander's combat power.  The integration of CNO into military operations creates the ability to achieve information superiority and full battlespace awareness neccessary for full-spectrum dominance.  Adversaries understand the importance of operatiing in the cyber arena.  More than 20 nations and a myriad of nongovernmental organizations and individuals are developing computer network attack capabilities.  China, Russia, Cuba, Iran, Iraq, Libya, and North Korea are developing capabilities to attack military systems.  Adversaries will continue to seek and develop asymmetric approcaches as a means to conter the Army's superior warfighting capabalities.