A Crisis in Military Housing Basic Allowance for Housing Under Attack

October 7, 2013

People—the volunteers who endure risk and hardship throughout their careers by answering the nation’s call to serve—are the foundation of the U.S. military. To attract, retain and fairly compensate those who dedicate their lives to service, it is imperative that the government provide quality housing for servicemembers and their families. If the Department of Defense (DoD) imposes across-the-board cuts to funding for military housing—which will likely occur if sequestration continues into 2014 and beyond—the housing privatization initiative and many of the major improvements to quality of life that it generated will be at risk. Military professionals, strained by repeated deployments during more than a decade at war, will also be affected directly and immediately with an unfair share of the nation’s budget burden. Such a “penny-wise, pound-foolish” cut will also cause inestimable second- and third-order effects that will negatively impact industry, small businesses, local communities and the economy. Sustaining the all-volunteer force requires constant commitment.