Cavalry in the Movement and Maneuver Warfighting Function

May 25, 2016

Successful execution of maneuver as required to achieve decisive national purpose is the intent of landpower. The United States Army is globally unique as the nation’s landpower capability, epitomizing the strengths and unequaled capabilities of America. Among other singular capabilities, we, the United States of America, are the dominant global leader in diversity, with increasing recognition of and opportunities for all citizens—irrespective of race, sex, religion, ethnic origins, languages and organizational or regional practices. America’s Army, in terms of full assimilation and multigenerational application of a rigorous learning system, has institutionalized both grouped and distributed Combat Training Center learning models based on the rigor of task, condition and standard for Soldier, team and unit tasks. Superb professional development policies and processes are institutionalized for all leaders—officers and noncommissioned officers (NCOs). America’s Army trains and performs to established standards.