Two Companies Picked to Build Prototype Ventilators

Two Companies Picked to Build Prototype Ventilators

Photo by: Anthony Housey

Just 16 days after putting out a call for submissions, the Army has selected two companies to build prototypes of their lightweight, deployable ventilators.

The Army launched the xTech COVID-19 Ventilator Challenge on April 5 with the goal of finding solutions to quickly provide much-needed ventilators during the coronavirus pandemic.

The two companies, Spiro Devices and AirMid Critical Care Products, each received $100,000 for their innovative emergency ventilator designs.

Spiro Devices is working on a breathing bag-based solution, while AirMid Critical Care Products is proposing a bellows-based technology.

The xTech COVID-19 Ventilator Challenge sought pitches for low-cost, easy-to-manufacture emergency ventilators that can provide patients with a rapid-response breathing apparatus and is capable of rugged, short-term field operations. The goal is to produce 10,000 ventilator units within eight weeks.

The competition is being run through the Army’s xTechSearch competition, which calls on small business and technology companies to demonstrate technologies that can help the Army meet its modernization challenges.

In 10 days, 150 American companies, academic institutions and individuals submitted their concepts for a chance to win $5,000 and an invitation to present their ideas to a panel of experts.

Eight applicants were invited to pitch their ideas.

The competition remains open, with no deadline for submissions. For more information or to apply, click here.