AUSA Unveils Van Autreve Scholarship Fund

AUSA Unveils Van Autreve Scholarship Fund

Photo by: U.S. Army

The Association of the U.S. Army has established a new scholarship fund for soldiers, their spouse and dependent children. It is open to Regular Army, Army National Guard and Army Reserve enlisted personnel, officers in the rank of captain and below and Warrant Officers who are WO1 or WO2.

Those interested must act soon because Nov. 11 is the application deadline for 2018 awards. Membership in AUSA is not required to apply for the 2018 scholarships.

Named for the fourth Sergeant Major of the Army, the SMA Leon Van Autreve Scholarship Fund will award one scholarship for $25,000, one for $10,000, one for $5,000 and five for $2,000 to provide educational support to who have dedicated themselves to service to the national by pursuing self- improvement.

AUSA intends to announce the awards by the end of the year.

There are only a few application requirements:

-Applicants are asked a few questions: the school they plan to attend, their planned area of study and to talk about their community and extracurricular involvement.

Application must provide a personal biography, submit two letters of reference and to write an essay of at least 500 words about how they think the Association of the U.S. Army could best serve the Army.

Van Autreve, who died in 2002, served as Sergeant Major of the Army from July 1973 to June 1975 under two Army Chiefs of Staff, Gen. Creighton W. Abrams and Gen. Frederick C. Weyand. Professional education was one of his priorities, although it took him many years and attending six colleges before he received his bachelor’s degree at the age of 74.

In a 1994 interview, Van Autreve said school was a very important part of his childhood when his family immigrated from Belgium, and he relished the combination of caring and discipline he received in school in Delphus, Ohio. He kept in touch with his high school history teacher who “spent a tremendous amount of time with me” and created his “tremendous interest in history.”

The scholarship application and more details about awards are available here:

Link to Application: