Noon Report featuring William Nance

Noon Report featuring William Nance

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AUSA’s Noon Report webinar series features presentations by senior Army leaders responsible for key programs and initiatives, as well as contemporary military authors who weave together the past, present and future story of the United States Army.

AUSA’s Noon Report Webinar series invites you to join us on Tuesday, July 16 2024, at 12:00 EDT to hear a presentation by William Stuart Nance, author of Commanding Professionalism: Simpson, Moore, and the Ninth US Army. Simpson and Moore’s unflinching devotion to the greater good and their steady handle on the dynamics of command and staff relationships proved essential to the 1940s war effort and its ultimate success. Their example remains aspirational and worthy of emulation in the military command structure of today.

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William Nance headshot

William Stuart Nance
Author of Commanding Professionalism: Simpson, Moore, and the Ninth US Army


CW5(R) Phyllis Wilson

CW5 (Ret.) Phyllis J. Wilson
AUSA Senior Fellow


About the Book

Conflict book cover

Commanding Professionalism: Simpson, Moore, and the Ninth US Army

When one thinks of influential World War II military figures, five-star generals such as Dwight D. Eisenhower and Omar Bradley instantly come to mind. As important as these central figures were, that war produced equally effective lower-profile leaders whose influence had an undeniable impact. Among them are William Simpson, commander of the Ninth US Army, and James Moore, his chief of staff. Working in tandem, the pair helmed a unit that gained recognition as “uncommonly normal,” an affectionate designation driven by their steadfast professionalism in all endeavors. It was their unobtrusive leadership style that relegated these career military men to the footnotes of military history. Commanding Professionalism: Simpson, Moore, and the Ninth US Army corrects this historical oversight by examining the achievements of these overlooked heroes. Focusing on their careers from 1940 through the end of World War II, the author recounts their working relationship. Together, they successfully maneuvered through the squabbling of the American and British forces and developed an army admired for its consistency of conduct and military prowess, capable of resisting the complex external and political machinations of the times.


The views and opinions of our speakers do not necessarily reflect the views of the Association of the United States Army. The discussions held, in the opinion of the Association, will contribute to the overall discussions on defense or national security issues. These webinars should not be taken to represent the views of the Department of the Army, the Department of Defense, the United States government, the Association of the United States Army or its members.




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