The Association of the United States Army (AUSA) informs and educates its members, local, regional and national leaders and the American public on subjects related to the U.S. Army. AUSA provides educational materials and resources such as publications, forums, symposia, books and podcasts for Soldiers, their families and anyone seeking to learn more about the Total Army.


AUSA publishes a wide variety of professional research papers, analyses, essays and special reports. All materials are available free of charge, and reproduction and distribution are encouraged.

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AUSA regularly hosts various lectures, presentations and discussions at our National Headquarters in Arlington, Virginia, featuring both senior Army leadership and national security experts.

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Speakers' Bureau

The AUSA Speakers’ Bureau provides access to a group of men and women with diverse backgrounds in military history, ongoing national security concerns and more.

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AUSA Book Program

The AUSA Book Program offers quality military-related books about Army heritage, military theory and policy and military force in the modern world.

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Writing Program

Have a manuscript to publish? AUSA is currently seeking authors for its Land Warfare Paper and Landpower Essay series.

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AUSA Senior Fellows

AUSA Senior Fellows assist with strategic communications, develop policy positions, and promote Army professional development and education.

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