Video Wall/ LCD Displays

Digital Video Wall 13x8 - (Main Conference Room)

Rental of this 4K resolution Video Wall includes an optional laptop, which can be configured for presentation.

Digital Video Wall 16x4 - (Pre Function Room)

This 4K resolution interactive video wall can include a live video feed from the Main Conference Room, along with the data being displayed on presentations in the Main Conference Room.

Digital Touch Screen Configuration - (4 Hours of programming)

With content provided by the event organizer the 16x4 Digital Touch Screen in the Pre Function room can be configured for a multitude of interactive experiences including website navigation, social media, slide show displays, etc. Price is quoted based on the complexity of the configuration and the technician’s time spent programming.


Table top Microphone (corded) - (10 max)

Wireless Lavaliere/Handheld Microphone - (8 max)

All rooms include in-ceiling Loudspeakers for Audio

Video Teleconferencing

Full Duplex Video Conference Setup

Polycom phone with Dial-In Bridge

All rooms except the Small Breakout/Lounge include in-ceiling high-definition cameras to support Video Teleconferencing needs and include in-ceiling microphones to pick up sound in the rooms.

Event Streaming

Live Stream Video Event

Publish Event Recording in 1080p MP4 Format

All equipment will be set up one hour prior to start time.

LCD Displays

LCD Displays do not require the presence of an in-house technician.

80” High Definition TV monitor – (Executive Boardroom 1)

70” High Definition TV monitor – (Executive Boardroom 2 and Small Breakout/Lounge)

HDMI/DVI/VGA Adapters included.


The presence of an in-house technician is required in your room to assist with any installation and usage of the below AV services purchased.  We employ an experienced staff of professional technicians trained in all aspects of AV for your meeting. 

Presentation Remote

iPad Tabletop Presentation Display

Speaker Timer Display

XLR Audio Output/Press Feed

AC Power Cord



Wireless access (1– 5 connections)

Wireless access (6–20 connections)

Wireless access (21–40 connections)

Unlimited Wireless access (40+ connections)

Wired Internet access is available upon request and priced according to the number of connections. Wireless access includes Bring Your Own Device. Wireless content sharing capability which enables connected attendees to a shared display.  

Taxes and Service Charge

Rental prices are per room, per day unless otherwise noted. Prices are subject to availability and change without notice.

All AV rentals are subject to a 20% service charge and applicable VA Sales Tax currently set at 5.75%.

Additional Services -  If you choose to provide your own equipment, a per day access/electricity fee will apply.

AV Equipment and Support

The presence of an in-house technician may be required in your room to assist with installation and usage of the  AV services purchased.  We employ an experienced staff of professional technicians trained in all aspects of AV for your meeting. 

Meeting Support Technician