Chapter President’s Message:

The vision of the Greater Philadelphia Chapter - Penn & Franklin is to be the innovation leader within the Association of the United States Army for young leader development, identification of future Army warfighting technologies, and support to soldiers, families, retirees, and veterans. The Greater Philadelphia Chapter - Penn & Franklin draws its inspiration from our Nation, our Army, our Faith, and the following historic figures associated with Greater Philadelphia.

  • Founder of Pennsylvania, William Penn, inspires us with the principles of Tolerance and Equality
  • Founding Father, Benjamin Franklin, inspires us with the principles of Liberty and Innovation
  • The Four Chaplains of the U.S.A.T. Dorchester inspire us with the principle of Soldiers and Families First
  • Medal of Honor Recipient, Sergeant John J. McVeigh, inspires us with the principle of Out-Front Leadership
  • General of the Army & Air Force Henry H. ‘Hap’ Arnold, inspires us with the principle of the Future Force

Organization and Goals:

The Greater Philadelphia Chapter - Penn & Franklin is organized through its Program and Outreach committees and subchapters to achieve the strategic goals of the Chapter, which include:

  • Providing an enriching experience for all Chapter members that includes rewarding volunteer and leadership opportunities.
  • Enabling young leaders to enter and excel in U.S. Army careers as officers, warrant officers, noncommissioned officers, and civilians.
  • Enabling Community and National Partners to support the Future Army with innovative technologies.
  • Strengthening our soldiers and families through focused support programs and initiatives.
  • Elevating all that have honorably served through focused veteran and retiree programs and initiatives.
P.O. Box 408
Kemblesville, PA 19347
United States