Chapter Newsletter April 2023

Chapter Newsletter April 2023

Right Army Night March 2023








Greetings!  Included in this newsletter:  

  • Chapter President’s Message:  Supporting the Soldiers and Families of Fort Bragg   
  • Chapter Highlights:  Scholarship Program 2023 | AUSA Warfighter Summit & Exposition
  • Upcoming Events:  You Asked for It!

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Board of Directors

Website: Braxton Bragg Board of Directors | AUSA

Community Partners

Website: Community Partners

Chapter President’s Message:  Supporting the Soldiers and Families of Fort Bragg  


Giving back is important.  Each of us remember when we could have used a little extra help.  AUSA gave $100,000 to our Fort Bragg Armed Services YMCA to make sure our youngest Soldiers and Families had food, clothes, and Christmas presents for their children. 

Recognizing excellence is important.  AUSA gives thousands of dollars in scholarships to military spouses and children to continue their education.  We also show up at important career professional development events to recognize our next generation of leaders. 

Sponsoring team building events is important.  AUSA will sponsor the next Fort Bragg Right Army Night at the Iron Mike Convention Center.  Team building is a long-term effort and everything we can do to make that happen for our command teams and military units makes a difference.

Showing your support for AUSA Community Partners is important.  When you see the AUSA sticker on the door of community business or one of our Community Partner plaques on the wall, you know you are shopping with a business that takes care of Soldiers and Families.  They are also giving back by being a part of your professional organization. 

Volunteering to help is important We have multiple opportunities that will let you feel the deep satisfaction of volunteering and you can be a part of AUSA where volunteering is the foundation of how we help our Soldiers, Families, Military Units, and Veterans. 

Getting rewarded for being a member is important.  AUSA has a free basic membership that provides you with outstanding benefits and professional development.  We also have a low-cost premium membership that includes exclusive benefits that can pay back your membership cost in the first use.  AUSA rewards our members.  Join today by using the QR code on this newsletter.  You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

      MG(R) Al Aycock.       


Chapter Highlight:  Scholarship Program 2023   

The Braxton Bragg Chapter’s 2023 Scholarship Program is now open. 

Submit your Scholarship Application packet by 14 April 2023.

For more information click here:

Braxton Bragg Chapter Scholarship Program 2023 | AUSA

Braxton Bragg POC:  COL (R) Emmett Burke

Last year our Chapter invested in eight future leaders! This would not have been possible without generous enduring support from our Members and Community Partners.  We are hoping, with the help of our Members and Community Partners we can do more this year!

Please use the donation link to donate at the bottom of our main page by Credit Card or PayPal! Braxton Bragg Chapter | AUSA 


Please mail your donation to: 

Braxton Bragg Chapter, Association of the United States Army, Post Office Box 70036, Fort Bragg, North Carolina 28307.

 Chapter Highlight:  AUSA Warfighter Summit & Exposition