AUSA supports Army National Guard and Army Reserve

AUSA supports Army National Guard and Army Reserve

Tuesday, March 5, 2019

“Why should Army National Guard and Army Reserve soldiers and family members join AUSA?”

The Association of the U.S. Army cares about and is committed to reserve component soldiers and family members and offers them a wide variety of benefits.

AUSA is the only professional organization that encompasses the needs and interests of the entire Army family, to include the Regular Army, Army National Guard, Army Reserve, Department of the Army civilians, retirees, veterans and family members.

Membership in AUSA is a key way for reserve component soldiers and family members to add their voice in support of key issues that benefit them and all components of America’s Army while building public support for the Army’s role in national defense.

AUSA national headquarters assists by producing a clear, coherent message through its legislative focus areas and messages from AUSA President retired Gen. Carter F. Ham, and also by providing information on the website and engaging with members of Congress and their staffs in Washington.

In 2018, AUSA successfully advocated for increased end strength levels so that the reserve components can continue to meet their strategic and operational requirements.

AUSA supported the authorization of High Deployment Allowance accrual for all reserve component service members, as well as non-reduction in pay protections for reserve component troops who are also federal employees, serving under U.S.C. Title 10, Section 12304b orders.

AUSA also supported provisions contained in the fiscal 2019 National Defense Authorization Act that authorized the service secretaries to adjust the effective date of promotion for National Guard officers experiencing undue delays in federal recognition of their promotion through no fault of their own.

And AUSA is totally committed to the employer support of reserve component soldiers.

We need reserve component soldiers and family members to join and become involved in our chapters—thereby adding their unique insights into how the Total Army works.

We treasure the involvement of our committed volunteers—soldiers of all components and ranks, veterans, retirees, civilians and family members—to better serve soldiers and family members in their local area because they care about and know what the reserve component needs now and into the future.

Some examples of outstanding chapter support to the reserve component include assisting with birthday celebrations for both the Army Reserve and Army National Guard, supporting farewell ceremony and family day events, chapter scholarship programs, and award ceremonies for outstanding Guard and Reserve NCOs and soldiers of the year.

AUSA is continually expanding its programs that provide education, professional development, networking and mentoring opportunities to assist reserve component soldiers advance in their careers.

During the 2018 AUSA Annual Meeting and Exposition, senior reserve component leaders met during the Guard/Reserve Reception hosted by Ham.

Senior noncommissioned officers from the Army National Guard and Army Reserve speak during the 2018 AUSA Annual Meeting and Exposition. (AUSA photo)

Many RC members value the business and community connections and opportunities AUSA provides, especially as it impacts employment.

RC members find AUSA’s educational materials valuable. These include monthly editions of ARMY Magazine and the electronic AUSA News, the weekly electronic AUSA Bulletin and the 5 Things Weekly Tip Sheet, and the Institute of Land Warfare lecture series and books.

Perhaps the single thing that provides universal value to all our members is the ability to stay connected with America’s Army and each other.

We’re excited about our future and are continuously improving the way we reach our members to deliver value.

If you are not already an AUSA member, we would like your support by becoming a member.

We ask that you share this news and the membership application with others who share our values and seek the same goals—providing a Voice for the Army and Support for the Soldier.

Stan Crow is AUSA’s Chapter/Region Support and National Guard Affairs Director. Mark Wolf is AUSA’s Army Reserve Affairs Assistant Director.