AUSA National Young Professionals Subcommittee established

Thursday, May 01, 2014

Vision is a sense of the future. It is an imagined possibility, stretching beyond today’s capability, providing an intellectual bridge from today to tomorrow," Gen. Gordon R. Sullivan, USA, Ret., president of the Association of the United States Army, said.

AUSA’s vision for the future is ensuring that those who will be the leaders of tomorrow are engaged with our Association today.

But how do we engage the new generation?

Chapters have long struggled with how to get the 18 to 35 age group involved.

AUSA region presidents began asking the young professionals who were active in the Association what it was that motivated them to be involved and how we could replicate their enthusiasm in others.

The AUSA National Young Professionals Subcommittee was formed from their discussions.

Col. John Davies, USA, Ret., director of AUSA’s regional activities, said, "We were very fortunate to have two very dedicated and knowledgeable young leaders in 2nd Lt. Jared Reinhardt and Sarah Sattelberg volunteer to take on this important mission."

Adding, "Their passion for advancing the great work of our chapters will be contagious and help the chapters become relevant for all their members."

Isabelle Slifer, AUSA staff adviser to the subcommittee, said, "We asked our chapters to nominate rising young professionals, like Jared and Sarah who co-chair the subcommittee, to be members of the subcommittee, and we’ve assembled a diverse group of accomplished junior soldiers, officers, civilians, and spouses from across the country to take part."

Adding, "They all share one thing in common: They are passionate about the Army community."


What is the Subcommittee?

The Subcommittee will identify, research and pass along best practices from the chapters and other associations to assist in developing programs at the national and chapter levels to meet the needs of our future leaders and effectively bridge the generation gap.

Sattelberg feels that all generations can find one shared interest in AUSA: "No matter what generation we are from we all share the same mission, serving our Army community."

Committee members

Cody Anderson (Redstone-Huntsville Chapter)

Capt. Andrew Appleget (Rock Island Chapter)

Capt. Sarah Bernal (Northern New Jersey Chapter)

Emmett Brost (Capt. Meriwether Lewis Chapter)

Spc. Jennifer Helm (Capt. Meriwether Lewis Chapter)

Spc. Monique Hinton (Capt. Meriwether Lewis Chapter)

2nd Lt. Brittany Ledbetter (Hawaii Chapter)

Dustin Marble (Utah Chapter)

Kensley McLellan (Tennessee-Kentucky Chapter)

Chris Munoz (Omar Bradley Chapter)

2nd Lt. Jared Reinhardt (Houston Chapter)

Sarah Sattelberg (Virginia Colonial Chapter)

Carrie Strasburg (Central Ohio Chapter)

Amity Wagner (Pikes Peak Chapter)