AUSA announces 2016 new reduced membership dues

AUSA announces 2016 new reduced membership dues

Monday, February 8, 2016

Association of the U.S. Army (AUSA) officials have announced, effective immediately, Association dues for both new and renewing members have been reduced for 2016.

"This is the lowest rate for new and renewing individual members in our history, and it makes it easier to become a part of the Army’s professional Association.

"In today’s tight economy, your buying power just went up." officials said.

Adding, "Our goal is to attract and retain many more individual members to ensure that our Association remains a strong, well-respected professional organization that continues to tell ‘The Army Story,’ and support our soldiers of all ranks and their families – who serve in all components, active, Army National Guard and U.S. Army Reserve."

An increased membership will also contribute immeasurably to the Association’s continued active support of retirees, veterans, cadets, government civilian employees and their families, along with civilians in the local communities who stand for a strong national defense.

As shown in the membership application on this page and the "AUSA Membership Benefits" ad with an application on Page 16 of this edition of AUSA News, the new reduced-rate dues are:

• 2 Years – $30

• 5 Years – $50

• Life Member – $300

• Special 2-Year Rate – $ 10 (Ca- dets and E-1 to E-4 ONLY)

NEW – All members, regardless of the rate, will receive ARMY Magazine and AUSA News monthly.

Officials also announced that as a result of input and recommendations the Association received from AUSA region and chapter leaders and members, "the membership process to join or renew has been redesigned."

"Thanks to many of our volunteer leaders and members in the field, we have simplified our rate structure to make membership in the Army’s professional Association easier and more valuable," Col. John Davies, USA, Ret., director of the Association’s regional activities, said.

Adding "We want to attract and retain many more individuals to ensure that our Association remains strong, relevant, and well respected, as we continue to tell ‘The Army Story’ and support America’s Army."

AUSA – Needed now more than ever

"In these turbulent and complicated times when our nation and our allies are threatened by both known and unknown enemies," an AUSA spokesperson said, "our Army, and its soldiers and civilians, must remain ready to defend our national interests and our homeland."

Adding, "They must be trained, ready and resilient – and they must have the best arms, equipment and technology to do what our country and its citizens have asked them to do for over 240 years – ‘Fight and win America’s wars.’

"To do this and remain Army Strong, our soldiers, their families and our Army need your support."

Each month in AUSA News, the director of noncommissioned officer and soldier programs, Sgt. Maj. of the Army Ken Preston, USA, Ret., ends his "NCO Report" with this challenge:

"Now more than ever America’s Army needs AUSA and AUSA needs your membership support.

"Membership is the volume knob to ensure your voice is amplified many times over and heard throughout the halls of Congress, from sea to shining sea across this country, and throughout every small town and community in-between."