09 February 2024 TCAC Supports Deploying Soldier Photo Efforts

09 February 2024 TCAC Supports Deploying Soldier Photo Efforts

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Fort Cavazos, Texas

Immediate Past President MG (Ret) Bob Halverson represented our AUSA Texas Capital Area Chapter on 09 February 2024 in coordination with the Georgetown, TX Arts and Culture Committee. Former Presidential Photographer David Valdez began a new project at Fort Cavazos USO. This effort is part of our family and community support efforts for 2024.

Mr. David Valdez was the Presidential Photographer for President George H. W. Bush for eight years and has taken pictures in every state and some 50 counties. He graciously volunteered his time and talent for this project to support soldiers and their families. The focus of this project was to provide first class family photos for soldiers deploying from Fort Cavazos. Our immediate past president, MG (Ret) Halverson coordinated this effort with the Georgetown Art and Culture Committee and the Fort Cavazos USO. Our chapter was a co-sponsor with the USO for this awesome family support endeavor.

Soldiers preparing to deploy or families of soldiers deployed were invited to have their pictures taken by Mr. David Valdez. The first event was held on Friday, February 9, 2024 and 24 family photo sessions were conducted. This included individual soldier photos, photos of couples and Army family group photos. Each soldier was given a digital file of all the pictures taken so they can have prints made or email to other family members. The event was a rousing success and the program will continue for several months with Mr. Valdez volunteering his time for one day each month going forward. This is an excellent example of coordination with our community leadership, the USO and our chapter leadership supporting this project.