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Industry Leader in C4ISR Life-Cycle Technical and Engineering Services


For more than 50 years, VT Group has stayed committed to the core of our business -- Command, Control, Communications, Computers, Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (C4ISR). Our experts craft and deliver C4ISR solutions to resolve the complex challenges and maximize the operational effectiveness of our customers – all branches of the Armed Forces. Our C4ISR operational and technical expertise enables our customers to accomplish a diverse set of National Security missions.

Our capabilities are focused in four critical areas:

  • Mission-Critical IT Solutions: Development, installation, and servicing of tactical network modernization programs, satellite communications, mobile communication facilities, and equipment for tactical vehicles.
  • Aviation Mission Support: Operational autonomous aerial systems support to the warfighter, as well as integrated logistics and analytics services on rotary wing aircraft.
  • Manufacturing and Fabrication: 47,000 square feet of precision metalwork fabrication and manufacturing facility for developing high-quality and high-fidelity custom products ranging from large super high frequency antenna platforms, radomes, to replicas of opposing force military vehicles.
  • Maritime and Infrastructure: Wide ranging experience in C4ISR project management, design, installation, test, operator training, and sustainment at major CONUS and OCONUS ports. Most experienced fleet C4ISR Alteration Installation Team contractor completing over 2,000 projects on more than 240 ships and submarines in the last 7 years.



VT Group supports the U.S. Army with technical, logistical, and programmatic support services ranging from systems engineering to design influence and concept definition to cost estimating and assessment.

Our experience includes furnishing, installing, securing, and testing materials needed to modernize infrastructures for sites, buildings, and shelters. VT Group works closely with the U.S. Army to plan, program, budget, integrate, and perform the overall management of vertical heavy-lift assault aircraft to protect our country’s national security.

On aviation projects, VT Group is honored to be a part of the Apache Attack Helicopter (AH-64), the U.S. Army’s primary attack helicopter. This quick-reacting, airborne weapon system, is designed to handle any situation. Our team of highly trained instructors have been executing missions for almost a dozen years on the Apache Attack Helicopter and providing technical knowledge for the CH-47 Cargo Project Management Office, Logistics Division, with Integrated Logistics Support (ILS) services. 

VT Group manages the Apache system across the life cycle spectrum of development, production, fielding, and sustainment of the aircraft and associated support equipment to include the Longbow Crew Trainer (LCT) devices, as well as the force modernization upgrades of the AH-64D/E. We bring unequaled knowledge and experience to the LCT program gained through our instrumental support in fielding all 46 LCTs since the program’s inception. Our team members have built unparalleled expertise supporting the program since 1992 as well as being indispensable to the success of the first LCT fielding at Fort Rucker, AL.

VT Group personnel go beyond the established requirement to solve our customers’ most complex problems and achieve excellence. VT Group provides ILS services for the development, production, fielding, and sustainment of the Apache force modernization, AH-64D Longbow Apache, the new AH-64E program and the Apache sensor programs. VT Group personnel developed the AH-64 New Equipment Training Team (NETT) curriculum used to transition pilots from the AH-64D to the AH-64E.  We conduct, evaluate, review, and propose requirements for facility review, factory training, instructor and key personnel training, and NETT. Our experienced team has conducted every New Equipment Training class for this program as it continues to grow in scope and importance.

In some of the harshest conditions, VT Group experienced team members work with the U.S. Army Oil Analysis Program to provide laboratory management, operations, and training for CONUS and OCONUS laboratories, which support both U.S. and foreign military sales’ program customers.  We are proud to support this program, which is a maintenance diagnostic program, that monitors lubricant condition and detects impending component failures, allowing U.S. Army units to identify faults and perform maintenance before more severe/catastrophic damage occurs to aircraft components.

Operational Excellence Through Autonomous Aerial System support

Our other capabilities include operating Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs), logging thousands of flight hours, providing rapid acquisition and fielding solutions, and delivering a range of operations, maintenance, and logistics deployment logistics support. VT Group provides UAV and operations at remote sites in harsh environments around the world, including forward-operating bases in Afghanistan, Iraq, Africa, Jordan, and aboard U.S. Navy ships. All VT Group UAV operators have military experience and are skilled in the technical operation, imagery analysis, payload operations and maintenance of our unmanned systems—delivering UAV support services at a completion rate that is safe and 100% on time.


Our deep experience in the design and installation of technology infrastructure delivers secure, cost-effective, and environmentally conscious solutions. Our data network capabilities include engineering, furnishing, installing, securing, and testing turn-key solutions for a Voice over Internet Protocol solution for U.S. Defense Bases, Camps, Posts, Stations, and Ports/Piers located in the Pacific theater of operations.  In addition, our team installed new fiber cable in the Guam Army National Guard building to future-proof the infrastructure, reduce cost, and boost performance.

As VT Group continues to innovate and evolve our core capabilities working with the U.S. Army, we look to a bright future of continuous involvement with the U.S. Army. VT Group maintains a commitment to our customers by following their mission to protect our country’s security. We set exceptional standards of performance as a community of leaders and an employer of choice.



VT Group CEO and President John Hassoun

VT Group CEO and President John Hassoun
VT Group CEO and President John Hassoun

VT Group is led by CEO and President, John Hassoun, and headquartered in Chantilly, VA. VT Group is a leading technology integrator with close to 50 years’ experience delivering technology and C4ISR solutions to solve the complex challenges faced by our government and commercial customers. As an end-to-end provider of integrated information systems and technology engineering and integration solutions, VT Group operations span more than 80 locations and over 580 employees throughout the world. For more information on VT Group, visit us at: