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Simplifying Expeditionary Tactical Communications


PSDS shown in an operational Command Post.
PSDS shown in an operational Command Post.
Deploying tactical radios in a Command Post is a time consuming and labor intensive process. The traditional methodology of installing radios is challenging and complicated in the best of circumstances. It is an unnecessary obstacle to overcome for today’s Warfighter.

Perkins Technical Services (PTS) recognized the need for a faster, easier way to establish communications. In 2000 PTS developed Power Supply Docking Stations (PSDS) to address this need for a lightweight, reliable docking station. PSDS are manufactured and produced in North Alabama. PSDS have been in use for more than 15 years by the Army and are now standard equipment at the U.S. Army Signal Center of Excellence at Fort Gordon.


PSDS are lightweight, reliable docking stations that enable the installation of tactical radios in fixed and semi-fixed environments. PSDS are manufactured in North Alabama. PSDS provide reliable conditioned power to attached radios with virtually any power source and allow communications to be operational within minutes of unit arrival. The use of PSDS is very user friendly. No assembly or training is required.

As a result of working closely with the Army, the need for a mobile communications system solution became apparent. In response PTS developed the Tactical Radio Expeditionary Kit (E-Kit™). The E-Kit™ contains all of the components needed to establish tactical communications.


Dual SINCGARS E-Kit™ with components.
Dual SINCGARS E-Kit™ with components.

The PTS Tactical Radio Expeditionary Kit (E-Kit™) is a customizable set of reliable components used to quickly establish tactical communications on the battlefield. Components include PTS PSDS, portable power system, integrated mast/antenna, solar blanket and transit case. PTS E-Kit™ supports the following tactical radios: SINCGARS ASIP, PRC-117F/G, PRC-152, PRC-150/160 (HF), PSC-5 (SATCOM) and PRC-158 (HMS 2CHMP). With the E-Kit™ tactical communications are operational in less than 20 minutes.

Supporting the Army’s Current Requirements

PTS is directly supporting Soldiers who are operating today. PTS works with the Army to develop products to meet differing deployment requirements for Soldiers. Every Active Army Division and 96% of State National Guard Reserve Components have procured a PTS PSDS.

In 2017 PTS was requested by the National Guard to provide a High Frequency (HF) PSDS to support the Presidential Inauguration. PTS developed this product in less than 2 months. At the event the HF network was established in record time.

PTS PSDS were deployed by the 82nd Airborne Division for use in a Forward Operating Base in Afghanistan. The 82nd took the PSDS on the first lift enabling Soldiers to immediately establish tactical communications in a matter of minutes. The voice quality of the built-in speaker allowed soldiers and airmen to clearly hear radio communications without guessing what was being transmitted.

PTS is committed to the Warfighter. We continuously perform product improvements and enhancements. PTS is proud to support Army modernization with products enabling Soldiers to maintain ‘fight tonight’ readiness.

About Perkins Technical Services, Inc.

Perkins Technical Services, Inc. (PTS, Inc.) was founded in Huntsville, AL in 1996. We are a woman owned small business and are proud to support the Army with products that are

exponentially more reliable than other methods for radio operations. PTS is dedicated to providing the highest quality, American made products. PTS is committed to helping the Warfighter ‘fight tonight.’