Army Civilians of the Year Honored for their Service

Army Civilians of the Year Honored for their Service

Photo by: Bryan Bacon

By: KATIE DAVIS SKELLEY, Redstone Rocket

They are men and women who support the warfighter, advance the mission and protect the nation.

Redstone leadership, local officials and AUSA members assembled at the Jackson Center April 30 to recognize 26 govern- ment civilians from 10 organizations  at the annual Redstone-Huntsville Chapter  of the Association of the U.S. Army 2019 DA Civilians of the Year Awards Dinner.

Patrick Mason, deputy program execu- tive officer for PEO Aviation, served as keynote speaker for the evening.

“This is for you,” Mason told the crowd. “This is about you and your families and everything that you have done and will continue to do for the Army and for the Department of Defense.

"The nominations were truly impressive and it just shows what an incredibly talented group we have across Team Redstone and I am absolutely thrilled just to stand up here and honor the work you do each and every day."

The Civilian of the Year award is named in memory of Dick Rhodes, longtime member of Team Redstone who served for more than 22 years on the AUSA chapter board. Among his multitude of professional achievements, Rhodes served as director of the University of Alabama in Huntsville Research Institute and chief operating officer of the Aviation and Missile Research, Development and Engineering Ceter, now the Combat Capabilities Development Command Aviation and Missle Center. Rhodes was a veteran and an active member in numerous military and community organizations. The award is presented each year in his honor.

Thomas Webbeer, Space and Missile Defense Command/ Army Forces Strategic Command, was named overall 2019 Civilian of the Year from the nominees.

"To represent Team Redstone means everything," Webber, director of the SMDC/ARSTRATT Technical Center, said. “It validates the significance of the work we are doing and recognizes the impact we are making for our Army and for our warfighters. At the end of the day it's all about the warfighter and how we enable them to dominate on the battefield and then come home safe. Redstone plays a significant role in accomplishing that mission. There is no better chapter in AUSA than the Redstone chapter and I thank them for having the confidence in me to represent Team Redstone.

"I accept this award on behalf of the tremendously talented and dedicated people at SMDC/ARSTRAT. What we do in the Technical Center is a team sport and I am blessed to lead a team of great Americans doing incredible work. To be the one able to represent our collective accomplishments is an honor and a privilege.”

The winners from the six categories included Management Executive, Webber ; Technical/Technical Management, Sophia Colquiett, PEO Aviation’s Multi-National Aviation Special Project Office; Professional/Technical, tie – Sofia Bledsoe and Warren “Wren” Keith, both of PEO Aviation’s Apache Helicopters Project Office; supporting Staff, Carol Hermann, SMDC/ARSTRAT; Department of Defense, Charles "Ron" Garner, Missile Defense Agency; Non-Appropriated Funds, Meissa Richards, Garrison. The following nominees in each category were recognized during the dinner: Management/Executive: Webber, William Nelson.

Technical/Technical Management Colquiett, Steven Tibaldo, Terri Schwierling, Erica Ignont, Susan Dunbar, Monica Williams, Jason McCormick, Kathy Jordan.

Professional/Technical: Bledsoe, Keith, Gabriel Duncan,Taua Patrick, Christina Brantley, Harriet Clark, Jonathan Hornbuckle, Matthew Werley, Heather Hamilton, Michael Childers.

Supporting Staff: Department of Defense: Garner, Collier Blalock, Steve Mills, Insuk Sickler.

Non-Appropriated Funds: Richards.