Retired Soldier & Veteran Legislative Priorities

AUSA Continues the Fight - Legislative Priorities

  • Fund high quality health care to ensure access for all beneficiaries and oppose excessive TRICARE fee increases 
  • Provide funding to increase reimbursement rates to TRICARE and MEDICARE providers to encourage increased provider participation
  • Repeal in its entirety the SBP – DIC offset for survivors
  • Expand the concurrent receipt entitlement legislation to include all veterans that medically retired (disabled)
  • Repeal in its entirety the Department of Veterans Affairs offset of Retired Soldiers' military entitlement (concurrent receipt)
  • Expand provisions of existing laws to permit RC Soldiers with 20 years of qualifying service to receive their retired pay and benefits at age 55
  • Amend Title 10 to forgive overpayment of retired pay after death of Retired Soldier
  • Protect the full value of Retired Soldier and annuitant income (COLA) and non-monetary benefits that are an integral part of military retirement (commissary, PX and etc) to include BRAC sites

AUSA Led the Way – Past Successes

  • Prevention of new co-pays and fees for under 65 TRICARE beneficiaries \
  • Elimination of the SBP – Social Security offset
  • Approval of concurrent receipt
  • Waiver of the Medicare Part B penalties for military Retired Soldiers(part of the Medicare legislation)
  • TRICARE for Life for over 65 Retired Soldiers and the Pharmacy Benefit for all beneficiaries
  • Reduction of the Catastrophic cap from $7500 to $3000
  • Elimination of financial penalties for federally employed Retired Soldiers
  • Full funding of TRICARE/Pharmacy Programs for all beneficiaries

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