Major General Michel Delion

Director of the Center for Doctrine and Command Teaching (CDEC)

Major General Michel Delion is the Director of the French Army Doctrine and Staff Colleges command. Commissioned in the artillery in 1982 from the Military Academy at Saint Cyr, he began his career in the French Army Airborne Artillery. There he commanded at every level from platoon to regiment. He led his regiment on a major operational deployment to Kosovo, where he then served as Deputy of the EU Rule of Law Mission. Following successive assignments on the Joint and Army Staffs in operations and planning, he was selected as Deputy Commander of the 11th Airborne Brigade, and then Commandant of the Artillery School. Since August 1st 2018 he has been assigned to the French Army’s Doctrine and Staff Colleges Center, which he now commands. During his career, General Delion has served in multiple areas of operations, including the Ivory Coast, Chad, the Central African Republic, the Persian Gulf, and the Balkans, and he has been awarded numerous decorations. As a military history enthusiast, he earned a PhD in 2014, with a thesis on the history of military thinking.

General Michel DELION has served in multiple areas of operations such as Ivory Coast, Central African Republic, Chad, the Persian Gulf, the Balkans, Sentinelle and participated in the national assessment of almost any recent operations. Officier de la Légion d’Honneur (Officer of the Legion of Honor) and Commandeur de l’Ordre National du Mérite (Commander of The National Order of Merit), he has also been bestowed the Croix de guerre des théâtres d’opérations extérieurs (War cross for foreign operational theatres) as well as the Croix de la Valeur Militaire (Cross for Military Valor).

As a military history enthusiast, in 2014 he was awarded his PhD, with a thesis on “the history of military thinking”.