Update Helps Soldiers Keep Track of Training Records

Update Helps Soldiers Keep Track of Training Records

Photo by: U.S. Army/Sgt. Dustin D. Biven

An online tool designed to help soldiers and small-unit leaders keep track of their training records has been updated and is now accessible on personal computers and smartphones.

First introduced in 2016 by the Training Management Directorate at Fort Leavenworth, Kansas, the Digital Job Book and Small Unit Leader Tool were available through Army Knowledge Online on government computers with the use of a Common Access Card. 

In the updated version, soldiers and leaders can see where they stand, and leaders can instantly update soldiers' training data on their personal devices, making it easy to keep track no matter where they are.

With a username and password or with a CAC, the tracking tools can be accessed directly from the Army Training Network website.

Key training information in soldiers’ individual records, such as Army physical fitness test scores, height and weight, individual weapons qualifications, mandatory training and scheduled classes, can be seen on the new platform.

Likewise, junior leaders can manage and update information in their soldiers’ records with the Small Unit Leader Tool by accessing the information available in the Digital Job Book. The updates made in the Small Unit Leader Tool automatically update the Digital Training Management System, which informs their command of the small unit’s training status.

More information on the Digital Job Book or Small Unit Leader Tool is available here. The page offers a self-paced tutorial showing soldiers how to establish a username and password, and how to use the Digital Job Book and Small Unit Leader Tool.