Trump Praises Army’s ‘Beautiful New Uniform’

Trump Praises Army’s ‘Beautiful New Uniform’

Photo by: The White House

President Donald Trump is sold on the Army Greens uniform that is starting to appear around the force.

With Vice Chief of Staff Gen. James C. McConville present, Trump’s choice to be the next Army chief of staff, the commander in chief talked about increasing defense spending and then about the Army uniform.

“We are spending the biggest number of dollars we have ever spent,” Trump said, noting his first defense budget was $700 billion, the second was $716 billion and now the third, pending before Congress, asks for $750 billion.

“We are rebuilding our military like never before,” he said, citing “brand-new fighter jets, brand-new ships of all kinds.”

“Every soldier has the best equipment,” he said.  “In the Army, we are even getting new uniforms, and those beautiful new uniforms have a belt.” The belt, he said, “was a big deal.”

McConville has worn Army Greens on some occasions but was wearing Army Blues.