Service Secretaries Pitch Joining Today’s Military

Service Secretaries Pitch Joining Today’s Military

Soldier recruiting person in a tank
Photo by: U.S. Army/Sgt. Brandon Bruer

Army Secretary Christine Wormuth and the secretaries of the Navy and Air Force have written a joint pitch to encourage young people to join the military.

The Oct. 24 commentary published in The Wall Street Journal comes as all the services—but particularly the Army—are having problems meeting their recruiting goals. The Navy and Air Force made their fiscal year 2022 active duty enlisted recruiting targets, but the Army fell short by about 25%.

At the Association of the U.S. Army’s Annual Meeting and Exposition in early October, Wormuth said that a new recruiting task force has been created to improve recruiting, but she wasn’t promising immediate results.

The joint commentary, titled “Uncle Sam Wants You for a Military Job that Matters,” asks young Americans to consider the broad number of career opportunities available in the modern military.

“Today more than ever, the armed forces need data scientists, coders and engineers as much as we need pilots, submariners and infantry,” they wrote. “If you join, you’ll get the chance to change lives, use technology and develop skills that the private sector can’t match. You’ll serve in every part of the world, protecting freedom and responding to crises with the skills to make a difference.”

“Our goal is to recruit and build a force that looks like America, and so we are working to strengthen and support diversity, equity and inclusion for all who serve. Whether you serve three years or 20 years, there are ample opportunities for tailored professional and personal development. You’ll do work that matters,” they wrote.

The secretaries acknowledge that “there are misperceptions about the military that might keep people from joining,” but they promise unparalleled opportunities for training and education and updated policies that have greatly improved the quality of life for service members.

“The military can and must do more to recruit and retain America’s finest, but we need America behind us,” they wrote. “We must ask ourselves how we can help ensure that there is a new generation able and inspired to carry on the nation’s proud, selfless and distinguished legacy of service. You can write your own story of service to the country.”

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