Podcast Features Recruiting Gen Z, Millennials

Podcast Features Recruiting Gen Z, Millennials

Photo by: U.S. Army

“Army Matters” podcasts in April from the Association of the U.S. Army feature how recruiters are reaching millennial and Gen Z prospects, advice on getting the right amount of food, sleep and exercise, and explain Army credentialing opportunities for soldiers.

New podcasts are released every Monday. Full details are available at podcast.ausa.org.

The Army Credential Program podcast available beginning April 1 looks at how soldiers can earn civilian-recognized credentials based on their current MOS and self-directed programs that go beyond a military job.

Beginning April 8, a podcast features two recruiters, Staff Sgts. Jacob Swanson and Juan Taylor, who discuss attracting younger people by talking about the variety of Army occupations and how they can set them up for future civilian life.

The podcast available beginning April 15 focuses on Army families, with Col. Deydre S. Teyhen of the Walter Reed Army Institute of Research talking about health, including the reasons why health, sleep and exercise seem elusive.

Peter B. Doran of the Center for European Policy is interviewed on the podcast available April 22 discussing Russia, NATO and U.S. military force posture in Europe. Retired Col. Dan Roper, AUSA National Security Studies director, is the host.

There is a special program available beginning April 29 celebrating Public Service Recognition week. It features civilian panelists talking about the value of their work.