NCOs, Families, Leadership Covered in May Podcasts

NCOs, Families, Leadership Covered in May Podcasts

Photo by: AUSA

May podcasts from the Association of the U.S. Army include a discussion about a new evaluation system for NCOs, a talk about how midlevel leaders can keep soldiers motivated and an interview with an Army spouse who wrote a song about being in a military family.

In a podcast available beginning May 20, Angie Dickinson, the wife of a senior active-duty soldier, will talk about a song she wrote, Rolling Along with the Army. The first line of the song provides an idea of what to expect: “Rolling along with the Army, we keep the flag unfurled, standing with soldier for peace around the world.”

May’s first podcast in the “Army Matters” series will be an interview with Sgt. Maj. of the Army Daniel A. Dailey talking about the new centralized evaluation board for NCOs, which is part of a shift to making merit-based decisions on promotions, assignments and retention. It will be available beginning May 6. 

Available beginning May 13 is a conversation with three leaders—a lieutenant colonel, captain and first sergeant—about how to motivate soldiers, overcome obstacles and find time to decompress.

The final May podcast, available May 27, features retired Army Col. Joseph D. Celeski, a Special Forces veteran, who is the author of the book The Green Berets in the Land of a Million Elephants: U.S. Army Special Warfare and the Secret War in Laos 1959–74.

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