Military Parents Go ‘Above and Beyond’ for Education

Military Parents Go ‘Above and Beyond’ for Education

Photo by: U.S. Army

A recent survey of active-duty service members and spouses found military parents “go above and beyond” to support their children’s education.

According to the survey, active-duty military parents are twice as likely as civilian parents to pay for tutoring. They’re also more likely to pay for before- or after-school care services and transportation, take out a new loan, or move closer to a school to support their children’s education.

“Typical active-duty military families can expect to enroll their child in three to four new schools as they move from duty station to duty station to fulfill new assignments,” the report says.

Ninety-six percent of children from military families attend schools off-post, and 80% of them attend a district public school, although the survey included Defense Department, private and charter schools and homeschooling.

When choosing a school, the survey of almost 1,300 active-duty troops and spouses found 42% of respondents reported a safe environment as one of their top criteria, while 35% cited the school’s academic reputation and 30% cited location.

The survey was conducted by nonprofit group EdChoice. Read the full report here.