Innovator’s Corner, New Addition to AUSA Expo

Friday, October 10, 2014

Two days of presentations highlighting groundbreaking innovations in technology at the AUSA Annual Meeting will take place at a new feature, Innovator’s Corner, located in Hall C, Booth 3923.

Operating Monday and Tuesday, the first two days of the AUSA’s Annual Meeting and Exposition, Monday and Tuesday,  Innovator’s Corner will feature interactive presentations by industry, academia and military stakeholders designed to address the Army’s top challenges. 

Participants will present innovative approaches to existing problems and receive feedback while having an opportunity to introduce their technology to a wider audience.  Attendees will find an environment of peers to gain valuable business and networking experience.   

The two-day agenda begins at 10:00 a.m., Oct. 13 and ends 3:00 p.m., Tuesday.  The corner opens with the Defense Entrepreneurs Forum, which will bring together experts and entrepreneurs to enhance the quality of innovations in the military.  The rest of the morning features innovations in logistics, including a presentation on optionally-piloted ultra-light aircraft for resupply operations.   

The afternoon discussion will focus on why the Army needs innovators, from former innovators’ perspectives.  It is followed by presentations on soldier and team performance.  These innovations include computer display glasses that track your eye, internet connect equipment monitors and wireless power technology.

Tuesday features three series of innovation presentations spanning the technological spectrum, from rapid synthesis of information and situational awareness improvement to robotics.  Some highlights: A micro cloud server, piezoelectric bio sensors, smart glass applications, and software that support human decision-makers.