Civilian Workers Honored at Luncheon

Civilian Workers Honored at Luncheon

Photo by: AUSA News

The civilian workers of the Department of the Army were lauded at a luncheon on the third and final day of the Association of the U.S. Army’s 2016 Annual Meeting and Exposition.

“AUSA recognizes Army civilians are an integral part of the Army team, ensuring the readiness and well-being of soldiers and their families,” said John B. Nerger of the AUSA Advisory Board of Directors. “Army civilians provide unmatched expertise, stability and continuity to our force, qualities we depend upon for the Army to succeed at any mission it’s given.”

The luncheon’s keynote speaker, Undersecretary of the Army Patrick J. Murphy, echoed Nerger’s words. Following a request for a moment of silence in memory of a service member killed in Afghanistan the previous day, Murphy said, “I am so grateful that such patriots like you are doing your work.”

 “This is your Army,” said Murphy, an Iraq War veteran. “We have a lot of challenges as an Army and a nation, and we must do more with less—and much of that burden falls in the hands of Army civilians.”

He then challenged the audience, saying, “If you are proud of the Army and work, you should [be proud to] tell the Army’s story.”