AUSA Membership Vote Called on Bylaws Change

AUSA Membership Vote Called on Bylaws Change

Photo by: AUSA News

The Council of Trustees of the Association of the U.S. Army has adopted a new, faster and more flexible process for setting the overall agenda for the association’s legislative efforts. To make it happen, AUSA’s bylaws must be changed.

The new procedure would have 10 areas of influence selected each year for focus by the association, replacing a cumbersome and lengthy process of approving resolutions. The focus areas would be selected in consultation with Region Presidents to ensure input from AUSA members.

The Advisory Board of Directors’ Standing Bylaws Committee recommended and the Council of Trustees voted unanimously to amend existing bylaws by removing the requirement to send resolutions to the chapters for a vote, and to also delete the requirement for a resolutions committee.

A vote by Association membership is required to ratify the bylaws change. The exact change in the bylaws is on the ballot.

Association members have two options for voting.

Voting ends June 15.